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  • N4niner206 ·
    I suppose it all depends on the look you are going for. Also, are you just building a pair for the entry, or are you using them around the entire fence? I guess my only real concern about doing 12" wide and 6' tall would be make sure you check the stability. Although you'll probably have your columns all interconnected, you want to make sure the base is wide enough to keep the columns from being tipped over or blown over. Also, because the fence sections I'm building are only about 40" in height, I thought the columns would appear more in proportion at around 4 feet. But I suppose taller ones could lend a neat effect as well. It would probably be REALLY cool to have entrance columns taller than the rest... hmmm, I might have to make a new set of taller matching ones just for the entry for next year! Keep me posted on what you do and how it goes... I'm really interested to see what you come up with!
    TheGraveyardCareTaker ·
    Thanks for the answer!

    I was thinking of making mine about 6 feet tall. I just wasn't sure of a width size. I figured 12" is the most practical thing to do in terms of cost. Yours you say are just almost 4 feet tall, so I ask you: do you think 6 feet tall and 12" wide would look to skinny and narrow? I've tried my best to picture it in my head and measure it to visualize with, but I really can't decide and you have the columns there to judge with.

    Thanks again!
    N4niner206 ·
    Hello! The dimensions of my columns are 12" wide and 44" in height. I first determined that I wanted them to be somewhere near 4 feet tall (no reason in particular, other than personal preference to its appearance), to go along with the height of my fence sections. Then, I found the cheapest panel board I could find at Lowes, and figured out how to get the most sections out of each sheet. The sheets were 8'X4', so I'm able to get 8 full columns-worth of panel out of each sheet, with a little waste. I hope this is helpful to you... if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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