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  • Pumpkin5 ·
    :) OMG!!! I was looking at your album and It is like you and I have the exact same props.....so funny...:D (great minds think alike, apparently...)
    slash ·
    hi are you toysandmoretoys on youtube? If so can you make a video of dead eye gunslinger I might buy him too with the fog unit.
    DaveintheGrave ·
    Hi, yes-Boris likes his new home, but he is still in his box! LOL I'm saving him for a good purpose in the future.
    I'm glad you got old Boris to talk again. He was working, then all of a sudden went mute. I saw one wire had come un-soldered, but i had no idea where it was supposed to go.
    Good to hear from you again! Talk to you later, Dave.
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