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  • Witchful Thinking ·
    Thanks for posting the picture! Thanks for the tip! I tried colored spots in the house for the last party and lit the house outside in red but I love what clean separation of color you got on yours - will definitely try this year!
    Mr NYC ·
    Hi - I am interested in purchasing the Headless Horseman. I live in NYC. Would you be agreeable to shipping it?
    DarkPhoenix ·
    Thanks! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've been on here. Still recuperating on leave from back surgery and getting back into the hang of things. I guess I need to figure out how to post my doll pics I did. Was a hit last Halloween and the kids said had e best house in the whole neighborhood. I've started hand doing more decorations for this year.
    Hilda ·
    Hello there! I was digging around the witches prop thread, and came across the photo of your shelf unit. Really great job. I was wondering, did you make those head in a jar props or did you purchase them? I love the way they look.
    Any info about them would be appreciated. Thanks.
    EDIT: hahaha I just saw where you post a link. SORRY for the premature message. LOL ;)
    slash ·
    hope you have a great thanksgiving bud and thanks for the prop help I needed. I might next get Candyman prop he is around 1400 on some sites someone has one and selling him for 250 will see how much shipping is. I have one unit 70 prop I want more I see you have the bitten prop do you recommend any other unit 70 props they are alot of money too.
    bamtunebam ·
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I checked out your photos as well. The photo of the witch has excellent lighting.
    Want to hear a funny story? I invested this year in a DMX lighting system. I spent the last month learning the programming and seting up my sequences. Wouldn't you know it, 60 minutes before I open on Halloween night my computer crashes in a big way. I had to grab a second computer, load the program, load in the model of lights and design the lighting sequence. Believe it or not I pulled it off in 55 minutes thankfully. Otherwise my lighting might have been a screw in light bulb.
    DarkPhoenix ·
    Hey there MrNightmare! TY for your comments on the scarecrow! I appreciate it! So far, that's been the best thing done this season according to the comments been getting...lol. NP on the comments I sent your way! Hoping this October is finding you and yours blessed as can be...
    slash ·
    thanks bud for the reply back I bet your neighbors loved it, I didnt see Lullaby in that video though maybe she is hiding somewhere..
    slash ·
    wow man nice haunt it came out great are you ever worried about people taking stuff I sure am everyday, so far so good though. I like the Lenore in the coffin she came out good too did you make a full body for her? Did you rig some of your props with the spot light? For example hooked helen is animated when the spot light shines on her. I love the spot lights especially the blue where did you get them thanks.
    OctoberDream ·
    "WOW!!!! This is one of the most impressive props I have ever seen made here! Absolutly stunning! I can't wait to see more pics of this Horseman in your display! "

    Thanks. I have a little more to do on the hands. I hope to be done by next week. I 'll try to get to get some pics in my display this year. It might be a little small this year, I have to work on Halloween, so I might not have time to set up the way I want to.
    stick ·
    Thanks for the comments on the Grim Reaper stone I had plan on using it as a center piece to my cemetery as you had stated.
    MrsNightmare ·
    Hey, Baby!! I just wanted to let you know how excited I am that Halloween is just around the corner and I get to spend it with you! I know it will be hectic with school, but we will still make time to enjoy the wonderment that is Halloween! I love you and all of the hard work and passion you put into your other love, Halloween, to make it a season to remember! Here is to another year of happy haunting, with my MrNightmare!
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