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We Started doing Halloween Campouts in 2007 Growing in size each year, Till 2011 when we merged with another group to form a very large "Main Attraction" Our Central Ky Campground location takes about 5+ days to set up, all for 1 day of TOT Planning year round, I build props while camping through out the year, ever the salesman promoting this Main Event. Most people go out on the Lake to Boat & fish I am content to set back & build props. After this campout we set up at home with the "Hikes Point ( of no return ) Cemetery" I have lurked this Forum for years Gleening all manor of ideas, I want to First Thank all the Forum members
for provding a one stop shop for ideas, suggestions & solutions, My hats off to you all

Halloween Prop building, Camping, Woodworking
Self Employed
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