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  • The Halloween Lady ·
    Hey Mizrella, I wanted to let you know that Dan the Monster Man (is DanMonsterMan ) a member here, and very graciously answers posts. I think he would love to see the scary fish you made last year. :)
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Hey Miz, I just saw a post about one of your cakes, so I popped over to take a look. WOW!!!! I always knew that you were a fantastic artist but had no idea that you did cakes too. Those are outstanding.
    broevil ·
    Hi! Just wanted to pop by and say your blog is awesome!! It's so inspiring! I went out and bought supplies to make the lil Audrey type plant, I'm really excited. I've never been very crafty so I'm pretty stoked to try it out:)
    Thanks again for sharing your ideas!
    Spookilicious mama ·
    Hi Mizerella! I just saw your post on the floating candles and I am in LOVE! I would really like to learn how to make those, would you mind sharing how you did that? I would like to have floating candles in my haunt this year and always thought pvc would be too heavy.
    Gatordave ·
    Here it is Miz: Thanks for sharing your experiences. Many years ago I fell asleep in my apartment with the lights on. I heard very clear foot steps in the apartment so I didn't move, then I heard them running and it felt like something jumped right on my back. Knocked the wind out of me and I lept out of bed. I thought it was just a crazy dream. About a month later the same exact thing happened. Scared the heck out of me. Moved out soon after. A second odd thing around my father. He passed away before my children were born. My middle daughter claimed to meet people in her sleep. One day she saw a picture of him and said "Oh, I have talked with him before in my dreams" really freaked me out.
    Gatordave ·
    Wow, thanks for being willing to share your story on the paranormal blog. When those things happen it is so frightening at the time, difficult to determine what happened, was imagined and combination of both. There are things out there we can't explain and I tend to be a believer in if it felt real enough, it was. Earlier in the blog I shared a story of something that happened to me in my apartment that scared the bejesus out of me and happened twice. Could never explain it, but it was real enough. Thinking back I still wonder if I imagined or dreamed it, but it still makes me shudder. Anyway, sorry it happened as it sure must have terrified you.
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