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    misterspooky, there is a terra who is doing a hansel and gretal theme this year. check out what ideas she has. i did one a couple of years ago. we drew a book cover for the front door. then on the inside of this door we wrote the credits [just like you would find in a book. i incorporated a maze by using lots of xmas trees to make the path. and i let the grandchildren use chalk to draw rocks on the garage cement floor. i told the story [condensed] as we walked. i had them sleeping in one part, and they dreamed of laffy taffy [here they walked through hanging pool noodles], and they dreamed of dots candy [here they walked under lots of plastic balls hanging], then they awoke and walked through hanging vines with lighted candy canes which was supposed to be deeper into the woods and close to the witches house. then we walked past a cage with a kid in it. then we went into an area with hanging black sheets that was supposed to be the deepest part of the woods. i had glow in the dark masks and a blinking witch head in this dark room. then we came out into an open area and the kids got to play a game. you could see the witches castle off in a distance from here. then we started walking again and came to a grass house that had chicken legs. looking inside was a fireplace and a blinking crashed witch positioned like she had been pushed into the fireplace. then on the inside of the door we had the words written....The End
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