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  • MichaelMyers1 ·
    Great to here from you!!
    1.) It nearly killed me the past two years we had our home haunt. No joke! You know how that goes!
    2.) Went to the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. Have been to several parties there before, but this one was freaking incredible. OMG THE DECOR! To die for. The same November I went to Horrorhound Weekend here in Indy where Jamie Lee Curtis was making a one time only appearance to raise money for LA children hospitals. I went all out..VIP fix, bought and original 1978 movie poster for her and the entire cast that was there to sign as well (and also a Halloween 2 movies poster)..met MICHAEL MYERS! A dream come true lol!! Met John Carpenter in March...signed my poster. He's awesome! I needed it as my Halloween spirit did too! Still decorated "low key" our house for TOT (We don't get that many!) and my low key is way more than most do anyway lol! This year I think I am taking it off again...we will see ! New business is taking all my time. Also, the 35th Anniversary of the filming of Halloween Convention will be held this Nov in Pasadena, CA-where they filmed the original movie.. Lots of cast and crew members, Halloween Q&A Panels, screenings...autographs, memorabilia...lots of cool stuff! Plus a Haunted Hallowed Grounds bus tour that takes you to all the filing sites..Michael Myers house, Laurie Strodes house, the elementary school, the hospital from Halloween 2....so excited! So going there from IN will be a bit of cash, so we may do low key this year! We will see! Still love to decorate though. The franchise we bought is called Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt. It is a franchise out of Utah and is best know for being featured on ABCS Shark Tank Television show. It is a Ice Cream concept where you use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze fresh cream into Ice Cream. Its really yummy and we have been CRAZY BUSY!! Lots of long nights. Its been really popular! Here is the website:
    osenator ·
    Things been okay, I guess, the weather has been horrible here, we are almost twice less hot than normal tempurature. It's been raining, cold and humid. Barely any sunshine lately. Halloween wise, due to the weather, I didn't yet approach anyone to do a pro haunt yet. To be honest, not sure I'll bother this year. I did build a few props early this spring, like a LADY IN BLACK and another SILENT HILL nurse. I just need to finish my PYRAMID HEAD, and stains some skelly. I am so glad for you, may I ask what franchise you bought? Sounds great! Been missing you, actually. Take care, JM. PS: Check out my youtube to see my lastest projects I did lately.
    MichaelMyers1 ·
    hey there! He is from fright catalog I believe! His name is Gravesly the Butler...he may be available through several Halloween websites :) Just google him! I taped gummy body parts to his tray...a big hit with the kiddos :) Good luck on your search!
    peeweepinson ·
    Hello! Just curious, was looking at your pics on the candy buffet thread, where did you find the butler with the tray? I am wanting one this year and not sure where to start looking. Thanks!
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