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  • Baron Samedi ·
    Have a great birthday and a Happy Halloween...

    Hope to catch up after the madness has subsided.

    ps...They've cancelled that bloody fair! WOOO HOOO!!

    Baron Samedi ·
    yeah...do love a pumpkin! for me they are Halloween.
    I've ordered 15 from my local farm shop in a variety of sizes from big to very small. My daughter will bring a couple, and all my scare actors usually bring one each so I'll probably end up with around 25 or so..One can never have too many. I don't go too intricate with the carving, I prefer the classic look.
    I'm not sure I'd be allowed an automatic pumpkin hollower thingy...not since my impromptu "Modern art" exhibition when I used one of those drill mounted paint stirrer whatsnames. (Nobody told me you turned it on after you put it in the pot of paint).

    On a good year I normally get around 100 or so TOT's...not counting the ones who come back for a second go. Strangely, the numbers were down a bit last year, despite Halloween falling on a Friday, So I'm waiting to see what a Saturday Halloween brings.

    I've never been to a haunt convention or fest..I really must get round to going one year.
    With quite a few UK members on the board now, It might be cool to organise a meet up at one of the UK haunt conventions or scarefests next year. I'm not sure if they have any in the Midlands area, but that would probably be the easiest place for everybody to get to..What do you reckon?

    Glad to hear your TOT numbers are improving...are you starting to get a bit of a reputation around the neighbourhood? (for all the right reasons). The first year we had about a dozen and it's just kind of grown from there..Agreed, the TOT's really make the night. I'd quite happily set up and dance around my own graveyard all night, but some damp trousered children make it so much more enjoyable!

    As for a diary...I did have one, but I'm so disorganised I don't know where I've put it...
    yeah, you'll be knackered...but you'll have had a bundle of fun getting that way!

    Kind regards,

    Baron S
    Baron Samedi ·
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'm afraid that not even The Lord of the Cemetery, Terrible Supreme Houngan of the Legba Voodu family is much of a match for the Lizards in pinstripe suits these days...
    It's not even a Halloween related fair by the sound of it...just a basic fairground type thing with rides and stuff. They used to have a town bonfire around November 5th up until a few years ago, then they stopped it on grounds of Health and Safety.
    To be perfectly honest, I can see why they're putting up the fairground on Halloween.
    There was quite a bit of "bovver" around the town last year, and the local constabulary had to call in reinforcements to handle it.
    One wouldn't mind quite so much if it was a Halloween related fair, but to lose TOT's to something that has nothing at all to do with All Hallows kinda gripes a bit, especially when one has worked all year on the haunt.
    I've still got a few props to finish off, and I've had to order a lot more stuff than I'd originally planned. I've also got 15 pumpkins to carve and new lights and sound system to set up, so the only reason I'm thinking of Carol Vorderman in hot pants right now is that I'm wondering if she's any good at hollowing out pumpkins or stringing wires...

    I agree, it would be nice to take a year or two out and go visit some other haunts. it would certainly be a lot less work and stress...I can't ever see a year when I don't set up the haunt though, at least not until I'm being used as one of the props.

    Kind regards,

    Baron S.
    Baron Samedi ·
    Great to hear you're on schedule.
    I've also taken the preceeding week off work to get set up and leave some breathing space for any of the last minute panics that usually arise.
    I have heard that the local town council are planning to set up a fairground in the town on Halloween night this year, as a way of giving the teenagers something to do. There was quite a bit of anti-social behaviour in the town last year by a minority of youths.
    I'm hoping it won't take away too many of my TOT's...guess I'll have to wait and see, although I shall be mightily brassed off if it does, seeing as I've extended the haunt this year and spent the entire year planning, building and spending....

    Take care, hope to chat soon.

    Baron S.
    Baron Samedi ·
    Hiya Pal.
    Haven't been spending too much time on the board just lately..up to me neck in Halloween prep every spare minute, and to be honest the forum gets a bit hectic around this time of year..this old brain has trouble keeping up with all the new posts flying in all the time!!
    Anyway, hope this finds you well and on track with your prep for the big H.

    Kind Regards,

    Baron S.
    Baron Samedi ·
    Hiya pal.
    Just one of those...Luck of the draw I suppose. I did manage to find a good home for one lonely looking rubber mouse, so I suppose it wasn't an entirely wasted exercise.
    One of the staff advised me to go back shortly after Halloween, as there would most likely be a load of stuff marked down in early November.

    Kind regards,

    Baron S.
    OMGDan ·
    There's one in the city center of manchester. It's big depending on what you'd call big. 3 floors. It's worth a visit but you might want to wait until myself or someone else close visits it and tells you whether it's going to be worth the trip this year.

    Last years collection was substantially smaller than 2007 and was a disappointment.
    ruggerz ·
    Hello my fellow UK Member....

    How are you doing?....

    Thanks for the friend request....

    Feel free to ask any questions, especially UK realated ones...


    PS... I just have to ask...Do you play rugby?
    norwayreaper ·
    I also apologise. Like Baron Samed, I'm not familiar with the game either.
    Also like Baron said, post it on the forum. As many members that is here on the forum, you should get some good responces.

    :) ttyl
    Baron Samedi ·
    I do apologise, but I'm not familiar with the game you are referring to.
    If you gave me a quick run through of the rules, I'm sure I could think of something.;):D
    Better still, ask on the forum..I'm sure some of the twisted minds out there could come up with things that would make "Saw" seem like afternoon tea at the vicarage!
    Baron Samedi ·
    just dropped in to Welcome our newest UK member.
    As reaper says...you're going to love it here.


    Baron Samedi.
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