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  1. Lemax SpookyTown Landscape

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    if you buy 2" Blue or pink foam insullation and stack it and glue it together and then you can carve it with a rasp, surform tool, or a finishing fander.. very messy though.. do it outside
  2. Static: Static Grim Reaper

    Halloween Props
    It's about 5' tall as it sits on the wood pole. I might play aroun with the mounting options this year though
  3. Is there anything you WILL NOT do?

    General Halloween
    Yeah, I hate inflatables, and I WILL NOT do rats! They're gross, and scare the crap outta me! ever since my sister put a fake one in a bag of chips and gave it to me when I was 8, I just won't do them. I have no problem with death or gore, but I don't usually do children... I might have a...
  4. Static: Static Grim Reaper

    Halloween Props
    the scythe is attached with a screw to the shoulder (you can see it in the stick it's mounted to) and the blade is made of some 1/4" Plywood that I had kicking around, so I cut a notch in the broomstick, and screwed it on
  5. Prop Showcase: Ground breaker "floated" coffin

    Halloween Props
    that looks Awsome ! good work!
  6. Static: Static Grim Reaper

    Halloween Props
    Here's another pic in different light... again, this was my first prop, I just improved it with a new scythe... let me know what you think, and any ideas for improvment.. I'm gonna get some of the freaky fabric out of my basement and do some more detailing with that
  7. Static: Static Grim Reaper

    Halloween Props
    I recently moved, and during that move, the first prop I ever made about 3 years ago when I was 12 years old, lost his scythe and got damaged. I'm posting this to show you my new and improved grim reaper, and see what you think... I normally zip tie the wood piece at the bottom to a piece of...
  8. Lemax SpookyTown Landscape

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I'm also a model railroader, (the two hobbies compliment themselves well!) and if you go to a hobby store in your area you should find what you want.. also cut up christmas garland painted looks good for some trees.. and also, a lot of natural materials
  9. Static: My DIY Grandin Road Inspired Headless Horseman Figure

    Halloween Props
    You could repaint the fun-kin one?
  10. Static: Creepy Scarecrow

    Halloween Props
    Looks awsome! I think I'll have to build one of these now! I've been planning the display for next year, as I am moving to a neighboorhood with lots of ToTs! :cool:
  11. Static: Foam Skull alteration

    Halloween Props
    Thanks for all of the great tips! I ended up using a combination of a coping saw, and a hacksaw blade. I then screwed the jaw in, and made sure it was secure with lots and lots of hot glue. I'll post pictures as soon as the base coat of paint is dry
  12. Static: Foam Skull alteration

    Halloween Props
    I recently found a great styrofoam skull at my local Michaels' Crafts store, and I would like to use it as the base for the head on a animated zombie groundbreaker prop that I'm building... I would however, like to somehow cut the jaw off, and sculpt / paint it to make the mouth be sort of open...