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    Thanks, Maleficent, Garthgoyle, Halloween Goblin.
  2. Spirit Halloween experience: Very Expensive.

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    Advanced Reply :D The thing is the intensity of the operation. Higher costs. Higher riks (Remember Super Storm Sandy that put Halloween out of commission in NJ?) Party City converts all its stores to 80% Halloween and 20% Regular Parties. I am just replying again to see how the "Go Advanced"...
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    Cool. Txs.
  4. Would a Press Release to media be considered Spam?

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    Hi, If I post a Press Release addressed to the Halloween Media here, would it be considered 'spam'? I want to be frank, I do have an ulterior/commercial motive in my membership, but I absolutely want to respect the rules and never become a nuisance. That would on top of everything, defeat the...
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    For Instance, why does it list me as a "Ghost"?
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    Thanks, Punkineater This board is a little too sophisticated for what I am used to. I am going to need to get a handle of it. The limbs will not have to be elongated after all, but the equipment was indeed adequate. Thanks again!
  7. Poll; What state are you from?

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    Any trade shows in PA, NY, NJ, CT?
  8. This week on Halloween TV

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    I didn't know about this Halloween TV. Does anybody have times for NJ or NY areas? TIA
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    Hi, My name is Luis Rodriguez and I just joined the group. I have a new Halloween product that I am looking for partners, distributors, sponsors, etc. I'll talk about it in a separate post so there is no duplication that may be considered spam. I am excited that I found this board, and hope for...