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  • Impy ·
    Hi! The WiC number for Jack and Sally is 776-434 and they had one Jack and one Sally and I'm pretty sure they come with one of each in a case. :)
    doto ·
    Thank you for the photo comments. Minus the zombie effects Our little Blubbers reminded me of some of my baby photo's
    ant888 ·
    Hello, I had a question about your cardboard barrel tutorial, did you get my PM? I don't know if it sent or not.
    punkineater ·
    How is your Wrongling Bros coming along? Is your setup all in your front yard? Haven't seen you post anything lately, but then I haven't been on here much. I've pinned a ton of your stuff from the Plague and Wrongling's-inspiration to revise & improve on some of my own props. I also want to make several of your boxes you used in the Pirates...either for the cowboy scene, zombie babies, etc..good dual use of a box! I'm busy with end stages of setup, and now watching it all blow away, literally. High winds, again, today. Several things broke, collapsed, blew away, you name it:p Hope your weather is cooperating!!!
    Jukinjim ·

    I started 2016 in July.

    Got 30 new blank stones painted, waiting for the epitaphs to be selected and written.
    30 New crosses painted, waiting to be assembled.
    Made a cemetary sign, hanging with chains...

    Trying to narrow the new ones down from roughly 600 notes I have, trying to make the best puns...

    Hoping to post 2016 pics before Oct 31 this year instead of waiting til next august.

    Still have to pull down the old stones, and decide which ones get painted over, and which ones need to be touched up.

    got 3 new gargoyles... oh, and gotta work on the lighting again...

    Hoping to add 2 or 3 scary scarecrows, Looking for more free scrapwood.
    ooojen ·
    You did a great job with "eyeing it up"!
    Knowing the name comes from a combination of the facts that I love tropical fruit, and that I happen to have a houseplant that produces a smaller version of those-- a little smaller than a ping-pong ball.
    MC HauntDreams ·
    I'm so behind!!! First the vacation, then we foolishly started a project for the non-Halloween portion of our life. (What?!?! Non-Halloween isn't allowed within 18mos of October!!! Haha) Of course Murphys Law was in effect so it's still only 95% done. But we should be finishing in the next couple days and it was adding a pool. So on the upside, have a pool to swim in to cool off while working on Halloween in this HEAT will be good.
    Wish me luck. I may make myself crazy(ier) trying to get my list done.
    punkineater ·
    You have really amassed quite a unique collection, including what you've made, for the WB Circus! Can't wait to see what you do with the roadkill baby relief:D
    Hilda ·
    My dear. Would mind sharing with me how you made the Burtonesque pumpkin.
    I am so in love with that stem.
    And the pumpkin.
    The whole enchilada. :D
    Trex ·
    I know she has awesome memes, no I am not really meme challenged as much as I am lazy and totally unmotivated by our font selection at work. I usually do these during lunch. So I have given up and just use the same lame one every time....;) ;) ;) oh well....
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