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  • Kardec251985 ·
    Big belated thank you for your Halloween card! It is absolutely gorgeous. I love the old time feel and the way the crow pops out. The inside of the card looks like a whole other card on its own. (For display purposes I may pull the card apart & display the front and the inside separately inside frames.) Hope you had a great Halloween!
    frenchy ·
    You are welcome Mme !
    no i am very far away from Vancouver
    will be trying to stay warm in this weather rainy day on Halloween night not happy about that but there is next year
    Take care and have fun tomorrow!
    hallorenescene ·
    simple sounds like a good idea. glad you guys are taking care. darth vadar sounds great. such a timeless movie. yeah, garage saling does pay off. i'll bet he does love his treat box. it's nice to see you around here again
    hallorenescene ·
    yes, i got your card. you really put some work and thought into that. very nice.
    i've been decorating like a mad woman. my daughter, 2 grandaughters, and grandson are helping. we have a lot done, but have a lot to do. when the day comes, we will be ready whether we are done or not. i like how it's looking.
    so how about you? anything special for the big day?
    so how is the little grandson? what's he dressing up as?
    hallorenescene ·
    grass, you guys have grass, we're having a drought here. well, it finally rained a couple of days ago, and it rained today, alll day, so the grass should be green again.
    Spookilicious mama ·
    Well well well!!!! Looky who we have here and who came by to see me:) How have you been? Its so good to hear from you. Where have you been lady? Is everything ok with you? Please stop by and let me know, we sure have missed you around here:)
    hallorenescene ·
    it's very good to hear from a dear friend. glad to hear you're better. if you want to send a card, i would love one. yes, i'll pm you my address
    bethene ·
    why , hello! and oddly enough, and totally true, was laying in bed this morning too comfy to get up, I thought about you!! I was wondering how you were, and that I had not seen you on facebook in a while! So good to hear from you! How are you feeling now? things here are doing ok, have had trials like every one, but things are moving a bit smoother right now! So glad to have you back! keep in touch my friend!
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