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  1. Free in riverside, california - life size old fashioned hearse

    General Halloween
    Thank you to All who sent their condolences for my retirement. I sure hope someone can use this hearse prop and has the means to move it to their haunt. It really is unique and has brought so many fond memories of Halloweens Past. Alas, it's time to pass the gauntlet on to some younger devote...
  2. Free in riverside, california - life size old fashioned hearse

    General Halloween
    FREE HEARSE LOCATED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE 92506 I am retiring and giving away my home made hearse to anyone who can pick it up. Fine Print: It has been outside for the past year and a bit weathered … very heavy and will need someone with a flatbed to haul it off. Some tlc...
  3. Photography A Skeleton a Day - October Project

    Halloween Crafts
    Thank you Sir Evil ... I am glad you were amused. Perhaps Karl and Steve will return from the nether regions again this Halloween ... it was a fun effort and really got my creativity going. Stay tuned ... ya never know what will appear.
  4. Target, anyone? 2013

    General Halloween
    Checking Target ad for Riverside, CA their life size skeleton is $79 ... unbelievable that the prices differ so drastically from store to store. Needless to say I will keep looking for a better deal elsewhere.
  5. Prop Showcase: Grandin Road Antique Ghost Replica

    Halloween Props
    Totally terrific ... really well done.
  6. Other Showcase your most recent craft!

    Halloween Crafts
    I know it's after the fact, but Easy Off Oven Cleaner works quite well for those who are considering doing this project ... Just sayin'
  7. The Witch's Inn Dead & Breakfast

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Tannasgach, your ideas and creativity for the Dead and Breakfast are brilliant ... you have outdone us all with the brochure composition ... 13 thumbs up to you!!!
  8. Madam's Place 2011

    General Halloween
    You will definitely be inspired by all the great artistic talents found here ... get motivated and inspired ... start planning and building and creating. Most of all, have fun!
  9. Madam's Place 2011

    General Halloween
    Thank you for the kind words ... those photos were from the year before last ... I thought I had posted last years as well ... a few changes, a new hearse driver and a couple more life size witches and alien ... which I might say drew a lot of attention. Hope you are inspired and motivated ...
  10. Poll; What state are you from?

    Member Introduction
    Riverside, CA where it's always sunny and hot ... even on Halloween ...
  11. Video of my display at Night.

    General Halloween
    JLWII2000 Beyond belief ... what a terrific set up ... absolutely love the rigged Ghost Busters Car ... such a creative prop. ~Madam
  12. Blackstone Cemetery 2012 photos

    General Halloween
    This is one awesome set up ... no detail left undone ... and the Oscar goes to Uruk-Hai for the most authentic haunt! Although I love it all, my passion for witches, I took special note of the cabinet with all the neat witchy stuff. ~Madan
  13. Prop Showcase: H82GO 's 2012 Yard Haunt

    Halloween Props
    H82GO55... now that's true dedication ... you did a great job decorating twice ... and I think the little vampire is too cute for words. Hope all is well after the storm. ~Madam
  14. Official Halloween card exchange 2012

    General Halloween
    Not to worry Halloween Princess, I received your post card with your lovely photo ... I believe I sent a thank you; I try to respond as soon as I receive them. Thank you again. ~The less cranky Madam
  15. Official Halloween card exchange 2012

    General Halloween
    My sentiments exactly ... I sent out 30 cards and only received 18 ... it's not nice to fool with the Godmother of Halloween ... I realize life gets in the way for some but it's hard to imagine that so many sign up and then don't reciprocate. Oh well ... that's life and who keeps score anyway...