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  • Raven & the Wren Studios ·
    Thanks! I'm glad you got some ideas from it. I'll have to check out that Wii Game you were talking about- sounds like it could be very inspiring. My mom and I donated the games ages ago, but there is a part of me that wants to re-make all the carnival games. Problem is, all the TOT's in my neighborhood aren't the cute little ones anymore- they're the few and far between pre-teens and older kids. *sigh*

    Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the most successful. If I ever find that photo album, I'll post the other games we had. Any ideas in particular that you're tinkering with? If you need ideas or have questions, ask. For better or worse, my head just oozes out creative stuff :)
    Raven & the Wren Studios ·
    Hi MacEricG! I saw your post about trying to figure out Halloween themed games for grade-school kids: check out my Halloween Carnival Album. I was able to post some of the thing's I've made (hard trying to track down old photo albums in this house) and I have lots of suggestions for converting popular board games into Halloween-themed games if you're interested. I've actually been tinkering with these ideas myself and I will try to post my sketches soon. Hope you find something inspiring! I like your ideas posted so far!
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