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  • Pumpkin Butcher ·
    Hey Bro!
    Thanks for the bulbs, saved me some coin. You set up looks great man.
    Here's hoping all goes as planned!!!!!!
    What the hell am I doing on here? I've got work to do!!!!!!! Come on by if you get the chance tomorrow.
    Later Bro.......
    Deaths Reach ·
    I could use some hands . . . haha - I think that whenever I see a skull for sale, "Phew - I could sure use another one of those!" Hahaha! I'll do my best to make it when it comes together - pending my schedule of course - for some reason the one thing I never have enough of is TIME! As far as your site goes - I'm a clicker and explore websites compulsively - I was checking out some of your older posts and found this:

    08-22-2010, 04:13 PM
    That is my yard. Let me know what you think.
    Deaths Reach ·
    Hey - sorry I didn't reply sooner - I need to pay more attention to my account - I usually come here everyday but lurk more thank I post! Your website is great! Yeah keep me in the loop on what's going on around the area - I'm sure I'll be able to make it to an event sooner or later!
    Pumpkin Butcher ·
    Hey Rob, Mona and I really had fun visiting with you and Paula tonight. We definitely need to do it more often. You guys are welcome here anytime bro.
    ELH(Erin Loves Halloween) ·
    Oh it was no problem and great to meet you and your wife. Nice to see another Lady who loves Halloween as much as me! I commented on your page on FB. I "liked" visionsof madness.:)
    lowdwnrob ·
    Wrestling was over on Derby but he placed 3rd so now he is on the Indiana National team and it will go through July. Its bankrupting me. We are dooing some fund raisers to help with the cost but its still going to be expensive. I have not started anything yet. I usally start as soon as wrestling is over but thats going to have to change this year. I would love to get together for cookout. Let me know when and where. You know you are always welcome here.
    Pumpkin Butcher ·
    Hey Rob! Good to hear from you bro. Things have finally slowed up since volleyball is over, well for a little while anyway, Summer leagues start soon. Been working a lot of over time lately, but I'm not complaining, I can always use the extra scratch. We definitely need to get together. Maybe we can do a cookout or something soon. You working on anything? I keep putting the funeral coach on the back burner, if I don't get started soon I'm going to run out of time..........
    Pumpkin Butcher ·
    Hey bro,
    I'm definitely ready, and not........ Know what I mean? I need to clean out the garage too. I've got a couple of projects started in the house that I figured I could get done while it was cold. (non-Halloween related) I really want to get started on the funeral coach soon. I'm going to concentrate on getting the grave yard as realistic as possible this year. I'm thinking about trying to give the house a funeral home/mortuary feel. It'll probably be lost on the little ones, but it should creep out the older kids and parents for sure. I just have to many irons in the fire right now. Morgan's volleyball tournaments started last weekend and that will run through the end of April. You know how that goes........ I'm also getting started on a small sailboat for the Wife and I. We've had a couple of speedboats in the past, and kinda miss it, and sailing is something we've both always been interested in so we'll start out small, and learn to sail on Deam's lake. A few years down the road I may want to build something bigger. Just a big kid at heart man...... I still need to check the calender and see if I'm open on the weekend turtle is talking about having the make-n-take. I really don't want to miss it. I'm still bummed about missing Dave's last year. Maybe he'll host another one this year, I want to meet the guy. I stop by Shadow Farm every so often to drool over his work, AMAZING! Tall Paula we said hello, and take care brother. If you need me for anything give me a call.......
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