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  • Pumpkin Butcher ·
    Thanks for the info...... :) By the prices, it looks like I'll probably go with Vampfangs. lol I'm thinking the Manson FX is what I'll buy. I love the dead eyes from 9mm but $320 for the pair is a bit steep for something I'm not so sure about. They are bad a** though. :cool:
    Looks like I'll be making an appointment for an eye exam. He's probably going to think I'm more than a little bizarre. LOL Oh well........ I need reading glasses anyway.
    By the way, I would love to get my daughter one of the Angry White Girl shirts, it would fit her personality well...... :mad: Always pissed at somebody. Did you get that on-line maybe?

    Thanks again!
    peterose ·
    Well congratulamations! I'm sure you can pull something together at the last minute. Might be the first year you're not something uber scary eh? That's right I said EH..Canadian.
    Pumpkin Butcher ·
    Okay, your make-up rocks, but the contacts take it over the top!
    So where do you buy yours? I've thought about it for a couple of years now, a little leery, I've never worn them. Any advice please?
    Guest ·
    sorry to hear about your party plans, but your make-up turned out absolutely WICKED!!! LOVE IT!!!!! :)
    peterose ·
    At least you always have your dependable clown costumes to fall back on. And Margaritas=Adult Candy. Thanks for the compliments, I spent so much time and cash on it. I made the boots and wig myself,so if you know anyone looking for help ever...ask someone else! So I know I can ask you: What are the plans for next year? I think I'm going to go cheap as I'm going back to school and will go with GOULET or Dark Helmet from spaceballs in desert fatigues.
    peterose ·
    So let me get this right, you had a party and it fell through, so you just wore the nazi stuff for the pics?! Did you at least hand out candy?...oh wait probably not dressed like that...
    ezdoesit-tn ·
    Hey, thats not to bad... would thought they would be more expensive. They look top dollar! Where do you get your lenses? I have always loved the effect they create but never tried them myself. Thanks for all of the info...
    Mizerella ·
    Dahling you look Wunderbar! Great ! Great! Great!

    Yeah we dropped the party plans too...there is always next year.

    We did a haunted house on Halloween. So busy and cut it right to the end with set up. I ended up last minute just grabbing my Bride of Frankenstein dress (from a couple years back), and doing a rushed makeup/ hair job. It actually turned out decent. I was the hostess at the door so it worked.

    Hopefully next year our party plans come through.
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