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  • Lilith's Demon ·
    That's one of my favorite scenes too! That one and the one brief scene at the end during the credits where it shows Dark Alessa smile in black and white. And Jodelle did a great, and creepy job!
    Otaku ·
    Yeah, Dark Alessa! There used to be a cool French tribute site to her, it had tons of movie still pics. Lots of fangirl make-up shots as well, some of them looked just like Jodelle Ferland in that role. The text was all in French (of course) so I couldn't read any of it. Alas, it was taken down a few years ago.
    You know where my signature comes from; the scene where she speaks with Rose is a favorite. That kid is f'ing creepy.
    Otaku ·
    Yeah, SH is a permanent resident on the DVR. Whenever I feel the need for a good chill, I watch the "nurses" scene.
    norwayreaper ·
    Hi Lilith's Demon

    Thank you for the friend request. I'm honored that you asked, and honored to have you on my friends list ! :)
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