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  1. Ever Feel Like...?

    General Halloween
    Mostly I am missing out on virtual stuff. This year was so rough and everything took so long I completely missed out of doing a lot of popular blueprints for planet coaster on steam. Otherwise I am fine with it.
  2. It's all still up...

    General Halloween
    My first thought was "why would you take pumpkin lights out of the kitchen?" Thebn again my kitchen is Halloween year round.
  3. It's all still up...

    General Halloween
    I own zero santa hats. The only thing I would even consider doing that with is my Discworld Death but as he is 9 feet tall I'd have to sew him a santa outfit and I am not doing that.
  4. It's all still up...

    General Halloween
    The week after Halloween I had a cold I caught at the party. This past week is was so cold I couldn't bring stuff in without it cracking. I hope I can get it done this coming week or we are looking at a Thanksgicing takedown.
  5. Trick-r-Treaters: More or Fewer Over the Years?

    General Halloween
    About the same.
  6. Keep going?

    General Halloween
    Husband want the Halloween to stay out till almost thanksgiving, well OK. Will give me time to clean the garage and maybe bring things is more slowly that usual so i can fix as I go?

    General Halloween
    I start my to-do list for the next year while I am setting up.
  8. 2019 Halloween Lessons Learned

    General Halloween
    Death has a hoop skirt under his robe to keep the shape but when it's windy it still rides up and causes issues.
  9. Talk to me of coffins

    Halloween Props
    I think my big project for 2020 is going to be FINALLY making a coffin for my graveyard. NO FOAM. Obviously I could bang one out of foam in a night but I want a wood one I can actually use for storage in the off season. Also I DESPISE foam. I hate how it feels, i hate how it gets destroyed if...
  10. 2019 Halloween Lessons Learned

    General Halloween
    I need better ways to steak my large props than using the garden shepard hooks. The big one I have Death on is bent all to hell from the crazy winds. I might have to come up with something drastic for next year. Also robes need to be pined into the ground to deal with wind.
  11. Why? Please tell me why!

    General Halloween
    Plus when you make your own, no one else will have the same. One of the best ways to learn to make your own stuff is to figure out what you need to make the bought ones work outside and weather proof them yourself. Gets you used to working with stuff, gives you ideas on how to redo it better.
  12. That's a wrap on Halloween 2019

    General Halloween
    NOPE! Party Saturday, my 50th birthday Sunday NOT DONE YET!!!!!!!!!
  13. ToT numbers, let's have them

    General Halloween
    You guys get to depress me now. I had 1 ONE UNO OOOONNNNNEEEEUH
  14. What do you say when you answer the door?

    General Halloween
    Well when a kid dressed as a CLOWN is just standing there and didn't ring the bell or knock and so i just NOTICED him there so he scared the crap out of me... "my little dude, you scared the crap out of me".