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  • bethene ·
    hi Laurie, good to see you back around the forum~~ see you on FB, but missed you here!! stick around for a bit!! :)
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Hey lady, I'm just checkin in with ya. I noticed that ya'll had some super bad weather last night. I think we got it about an hour or so before it hit you , but from the looks of the news you guys got nailed pretty badly! How did you fare? I hope eveybody did ok.
    22606 ·
    Maybe you could upload the picture to an album? That's probably the easiest option.

    Sorry, but I'm sticking to what I said about FB... You'll just have to visit here more frequently:p Hope that the new year is going well for you and the family. Don't even bother asking about mine:rolleyes:
    22606 ·
    I hope to be able to see the gargoyle, but it is still nice to hear from you and I appreciate the thought, Laurie.
    kallie ·
    Yep and I'm turning into a fat ass myself. This place feeds us like crazy! I've gained 40lbs since I started working here 3 years ago. No joke! But I'm too lazy to exercise:( Any way, yeah that was my first time making that drive on my own. I was with the wee one, though. I drove all night long, hit Atlanta around 3 a.m. and it sure woke me up! I never take the bypass. i don't know why, I just is go straight through and it's soooo confusing I never know which lane I'm supposed to be in and I just keep switching back and forth and pissing everyone off. haha. So, what's up with you. Happy to see you back here on a regular basis. We both kinda slacked off a couple years ago.
    kallie ·
    I just drove through Georgia last week coming back from FL and I always think of you and just want to drop in on ya! Man! I HATE driving through GA. It's so long I always feel like I'm never gonna make it outta there cause by the time I hit the FL state line I've still got a 5 hour drive to get to my pop pop's house. All together 15:eek:
    creeeepycathy ·
    Those sound like great trips! :) Wanna adopt a creeeepy old aunt to go with you? :D
    We'll do our usual Myrtle Beach thang; drinking beer, riding around in the golf cart. lol
    I can't imagine what you'll do with all that spare time til your kids get out of school. :D :D Do what I do all summer... interview young bucks for a pool boy position. and I don't own a pool. :D
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