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  • rockplayson ·
    Oh nice. Where did ya get the thriller one from? That's awesome. I just noticed a comment on my page regaurding denver haunted houses. We just got back from The 13th Floor/Blood Shed (awesome) and The Asylum. Those are the ones to go to this year.
    steelerfantam ·
    Kris...I'd love to have a list of your fates. They sound awesome! Not playing beer pong, but I can adapt :) I'm always looking for new ideas. Your photos of your party look great! It's similar to mine, but I don't use the fog or the dry ice. Just slips of paper in a fish bowl. But instead of people drawing their fate, if they want to participate, they put their skull (names on mini skulls) in the bag of fate, I draw a skull, and they then draw their fate from the bowl.
    rockplayson ·
    I caught you were from Denver. That's awesome. I'm in Boulder. It's awesome to have another area haunter here. Look forward to your post.

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