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  1. HomeDepot -- 2019

    General Halloween
    It left the original warehouse location in GA to sone other store in GA for some reason. It was bought on the 25th and tracking showed no updates or movement from the second GA location on the 27th. The CS rep said I could try calling that store up there to see if its hanging out in their...
  2. HomeDepot -- 2019

    General Halloween
    I wanna throat punch whoever took or "lost" my ship to store animated pirate steering wheel. It never made it past Georgia.
  3. Gemmy Stake Lights On Sale At Ace Hardware

    General Halloween
    Ok so long story short I showed them online that they are on clearance but they refused to price match. One guy said if I can show him the price he would price match it but then his boss said no after that. but I went to go online and I added to my cart for pickup in-store and it allowed me to...
  4. Gemmy Stake Lights On Sale At Ace Hardware

    General Halloween
    Mine doesn't have the fire n ice on clearance. Does anyone have receipts or advertisement for them so my store can maybe peice match
  5. Saggy boobs

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    This looks executed well. Looks like hosiery with batting and painted nips. If doing batting, make sure to use small golfball sized and fluff it up some before stuffing. Id also use beanie pellets as a little weight but not much
  6. 15 Years or Props and Decorations Tampa Area

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I live in St Pete. Any pics of your sale items? Pm please
  7. Looking for Halloween items for others - request thread 2019

    General Halloween
    This skull bouquet pillow from HomeGoods
  8. Egyptian 2018 home haunt

    General Halloween
    Last of what I have. Happy to answer any questions. We usually get rain in Oct and or wind. Ive so far had success with my methods using plastic wrap over cardboard structures, fishing line and cork screw style stakes for the shifty ground we have here in FL.
  9. Egyptian 2018 home haunt

    General Halloween
    More wip pics. Adding layers of props after initial base and light setup. Tweaking as I go. I regret not doing a disco type ball for added effect and lighting for my ladies in waiting area.
  10. Egyptian 2018 home haunt

    General Halloween
    Some more
  11. Egyptian 2018 home haunt

    General Halloween
    I wish I had a way to post pics easier. Especially my inspiration folder. I guess Pinterest? I just am unsure. These are ones from my WIP of costume and archway.
  12. Egyptian 2018 home haunt

    General Halloween
    I hope this works, I had a youtube playlist afterall no spotify. This is what I used for my Egyptian setup. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhRKhqlQ7OEr4yuzYShhDA1aHQmsUcxlt
  13. Egyptian 2018 home haunt

    General Halloween
    Ermagah! I totally forgot to set up my playlist and other stuff I said like the wips. Thanks for all the love! I hope to get all this posted by next week. Tanna- the female mummy looks huge because of perspective, šŸ¤£. Shes in the foreground and the ladies are behind her, as well as her admirer. šŸ˜
  14. Thinking of doing Spider scene with cotton candy! Any advice?

    General Halloween
    Can't really help you much on how to run your own but I'm with you on the cotton candy with the spider theme. I've been planning spiders for this year as well and I'm going to use the people I used for cotton candy in my circus haunt before to do sealed bagged white cotton candy.
  15. Halloween Garage Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I hear you on costs of shipping. I have shipped bigger props than these in the past, was able to get large boxes at walmart, left open and taped together in middle. No doubt the shipping will be more than your asking as your prices are very affordable. I dont mind the shipping cost but if its...