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  • IshWitch ·
    Hey Kimmy! Thanks for the well wishes! I have truly been blessed this week so I know things will work out. I did get 2 confirmations last week from my applications (but no job as anticipated) so if they continue and do a background check and stuff, it will be great! And if I am out of work for the month of October, well OH DARN! LOL
    I think we will be okay, no luxuries for sure, but okay. Hubby has taken call for every night accept every other weekend his boss is taking it so that he can have some free time. If he doesn't get called with a problem from work it will be an extra $300 a month, if he does then it is more. He will get $90 just from having to fix an online issue just last night! WOOT! So I feel very positive today!
    IshWitch ·
    I don't feel bad about the job, I am actually happy, it was giving me high b/p, anxiety, couldn't sleep, was baaad!
    I just hate having to job hunt while I need to be doing work on my house decorations! LOL
    I did my pendulum board and it said I will have a job by the end of this week! I want a PRN one so can have the days I want off! Yeah!
    IshWitch ·
    I didn't know you belonged to Halloween Forum! Awesome!
    It's Val! aka Valkyrie
    (I use IshWitch on the Halloween forums because I couldn't always use Valkyrie)
    I am trying to get ready for my party. I got let go from my job last Tuesday so kind of in a blah mood, have wasted this whole weekend!
    But seeing you brightened my day! :D
    KimmyBlanks ·
    "It's Halloween... everyone's entitled to one good scare"
    "Come little children i'll take thee away...Into a land of enchantment...Come little children the times come to play. Here in my garden, of magic!"
    "Samhain, also known as All Hallows' Eve, also known as Halloween. Pre-dating Christianity, the Celtic holiday was celebrated on the one night between autumn and winter when the barrier between the living and the dead was thinnest, and often involved rituals that included human sacrifice. "
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