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  • Dr. TerrorEyes ·
    You will be at Hauntcon, of course, right? Look for me, ELH and others. I am teaching two sessions there. You should also join our monthly Skype audio Propaholic Halloween Chat sessions (on the last Sunday of each month). BTW, I did't see your site on FB. You maybe should make one.
    See in Louisville!
    kentuckyspecialfx.com ·
    I very seldom check this message thingy partly because it gets knocked off of my blackberry this time of year due to sales ringing in every couple of minutes.
    Rather than send messages back and forth just call me, LOL!
    502-836-1674 Im available from 11am - 2am seven days a week.
    I can go over quite a bit of different / various stuff I just dont want to melt anyones brain or put anyone to sleep.
    You might take a poll from the group and ask them if theres something they have ever wanted to know about and that would give me a good place to start.
    You gotta remember our span of knowledge isnt just halloween theme we do everything except pyrotechnics ( at least as far as the fire marshals are concerned, LOL! ) we do some pretty expensive FX stuff but we also get calls from average home haunters on budgets trying to acompolish similar things or effects so I understand the median I need to be in for you guys but I gotta have something to go on as I want you gouls and deadheads to walk away with usefull info not just to use but to be able to build on.
    lowdwnrob ·
    I havent heard from you and was wondering if you was still willing to do the leture. Right now it looks like there will be about 20 people here. Like I said before, whatever topic you think is best suited for the day is fine with us. Everyone I mentioned it to seems really excited.
    lowdwnrob ·
    We would love for you to do a lecture. The date is August 30th but not sure of the exact time yet. Not real sure about a topic that you could do. Dark Shadows if going to bring a pneumatic prop to discuss. Everyone that is coming are all yard haunters so whatever you think would be best is good for us.
    kentuckyspecialfx.com ·
    We don't do everything in the garrage, our shop in riverport is where we do all the hardcore electronics / animatronics / Co2 and Ln2 / holograms stuff, basicly anything that has to be pure and perfect gets done in riverport.
    Are you asking me to do a make and take lecture for you guys at your house?
    I can do that as long as you feed me and one of my shop guys or gals.
    Just let me know what you would like to seminar on and time and date well in advance.
    lowdwnrob ·
    Do you make everything in your garage? That is awesome. I would love to check it out sometime if you dont mind. You are obviously way above my league but do you ever attend any make n takes? We are trying to get one together at my house if you are interested. There is a thread in the gathering section but it doesnt seem to be gathering much intrest.
    kentuckyspecialfx.com ·
    Louisville, KY
    We don't have a physical show floor at our shop for insurance purposes and we also build a lot of illusions for magiciancs so no eyes, how ever we do allow custom order pickups at my house and outside shop, it's not to hard to find my house or my shop, theyre the only two buildings in Louisville with halloween deco year round, LOL!
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