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  • GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey Katster! That little yellow doombuggy is just a plastic board piece from a Haunted Mansion board game that I had when I was just a wee bairn. I think the board game was tossed years ago - it was mostly cardboard so it didn't hold up too well. But I just found the little board piece a week ago while cleaning out my parents place. A little like finding a lost friend. Or a piece of a lost friend. *ewww*

    Here's a link if you're interested.

    I'm a little less sentimental over the knockoff puffnstuff album - I can't really remember it. Kinda makes me feel like getting a record player though.
    ondeko ·
    Awesome!! I'm glad it got there and I;m really glad you love it. I haven't made any beads in the past few days because of the heat. Besides the danger of giving myself heatstroke from being next to the torch and kilns there is the danger that we could get a power outage due to so many people using fans and a/c. If the power goes out while I'm working I lose ventilation and it shuts down the kilns and I have to reprogram them from scratch. I might get in a night shift if I can be ready for my show this weekend a little earlier. I'll keep you posted.
    pumpkinpie ·
    Btw let me know when u get pics of Dobby uploaded I can't wait to see how he looks considering he was already well beyond fabulous :)
    pumpkinpie ·
    As for the pup....can u say "kick'n our butts", but luckily I think he's bout got us trained lol. Seriously though, he was doing so good then all the sudden this week lifting his leg on everything (he just loves this new little trick) and marking. Omg!!!! He is truly going to wear me and my steam cleaner out grrrr
    pumpkinpie ·
    Hey girl, we're doing good :) Busy busy busy, havent gotten much done for our party, just feels like im in slow motion. Guess its a good thing i postponed HP huh lol. That totally sucks about Halloween but yay!!! on the move. Just think next year will be even bigger and better cause you'll have a whole year of things finding they're way onto your to do list, lol. I have to admit I'm a little excited myself cause that means we can do some serious brainstorming together :)
    Katster ·
    Damn computers... mine is 10 years old now but I love her to death! Am getting scared though knowing the inevitable will happen and boom... nothing one day! hah I can not imagine myself without all this access to the big wide world even for a week or a day or an hour. By the way you do have a talent with words you should start a blog of your own and make a couple dollars.
    Hollows Eva ·
    Lol, well I've had some technical problems the other years, because my equptment was a bit old, and the pics didnt come out as i wanted them.. Ill try and get some pics in this year ;)
    kathy2008 ·
    You are quite welcome! OMG! I adore the dress, so classy! The face with all the stick on eyeballs is incredible! I think it would be itchy, though wouldn't it? Maybe you could stick them on a transparent mask thing and drape over your face? IDK. Looks very awesome & original! Love the hat, kind of steampunk witch. I was going in that direction myself and still deciding... :D
    Kymmm ·
    Hiya girl!! Thank you for the picture comments!! The hands on my flying crank ghost are made of hangers, then covered in masking tape, then covered in cheese cloth. I had to play with where the line attached to the hands because they tended to add more weight than without. But, I like the way she came out and she is always a HUGE hit at Halloween. I put her up the first of October and I have parents that bring their little one's by every night to see her (but only if they finish everything on their plate at dinner time)! lol Smart parents!!
    You also commented on my SPOILED ROTTEN dog!! Needless to say, she is my baby and she knows it! lol :)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    That's hilarious! We went down to Medicine Hat just to get out of the city and stopped at the tourism booth to ask what we should look at while we were there. The girl just kinda stared blankly at us and said "Well, you could drive on to Calgary..." And then she mentioned the teepee!

    We took a tour of Medalta Potteries while we were there but I think they may have been flooded off the map.

    Calgary is too big and way too expensive for what you get. I think you're wise to keep it at a safe distance!

    I've never seen anyone put crazy on hold. You'll have to just access the crazy on the forums until after the move! ;)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Right now? About 10 feet behind you and a little to the left! ;)

    I actually hail from the magical, wet, far-off land of Calgary! How are things up in Sylvan Lake this summer? I'm guessing "Awesome!"

    Wow! You've got some amazing props, Katster! Your Harry Potter display is going to be incredible! I can't believe you made all that stuff. And it's only July! The dress looks really stunning as well!
    Trex ·
    Ha that is so funny!! You are so welcome Kat, my pleasure we can't wait to see Doby is his new setting! Tell your son it is not corrupting i like to think of it as enhancing their spooky nature!!
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