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  • GobbyGruesome ·
    I haven't seen her lately but I haven't been terribly thorough around here. Looks like she was online about a week ago. May just be vacation season for a lot of folks...
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey Kathy! No nothing serious happening here either. Just looking for a better job. So things are a little too...financially fluid at the moment for any major plans. But we're doing OK - just not quite where we'd like to be.

    How about you? Did you have a party last year? Seemed like a lot of the regulars dropped off the face of the web in late September - maybe busy with Halloween planning?
    MissMandy ·
    I'm Sienkiewicz by marriage lol. Not sure if there are any relatives in Michigan, but I'll ask the in-laws next time I see them :)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey Kathy - sorry for the delay. This is likely fussier than you want to get, but here's the video that kinda got me going on my DIY lights.
    It's a long video, but not a hard project - he just spells everything out.
    The store I ordered the bulbs from has changed it's name to...http://lighthouseleds.com
    ...and I hooked 'em up to these instead of an plug.

    But yeah, I'm thinking that may be way more work than you want, and they weren't as bright as I hoped, the way I did them - they needed to be pretty close. I wouldn't think a blacklight bulb wouldn't be pricey at all, and with the fixture it wouldn't be much more, if you're concerned.

    I would have a look at Halloweenie1's photos - her yard is beautiful and I think she uses a lot of fairly household lights. Here's her album.

    I don't have a lot of advice on the black garden cloth - aside from thinking that it's likely weed barrier they're talking about.
    Pumpkin5 ·
    :D Hey Kathy,
    I saw your message in the Reaper thread...your cat....Kashmir (check me on spelling....sorry if I got it wrong) is gorgeous!!! I had a Tabby we lost after 10 years...she went into renal failure last April....your cat looks special though....not an ordinary Tabby....almost looks like one of the pure breds. Lovely either way. (I am such an animal lover....prefer them to most people...well...except Halloween people...)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey Kathy! Thanks for all the nice picture comments.

    Yup, made the Grim Reaper based on a design HeresJohnny had for a ghost who raised a lantern. He's kinda fragile - it'd be pretty easy for the fabric to get into his joints and screw things up.

    We get snow about half the time up here. Last year we had a really nasty wind-chill too. :(

    Still not happy with the lights. The one on the mummy was a gemmy spotlight - I think it was $15? Hoping to find more this year. The blue one on the Gargoyle was one that I made. It's just a few LED bulbs attached to a battery pack. If you want info let me know.
    sookie ·
    Hi! There are rumors Season 7 might be it but I guess we'll find out next summer since they tend to announce it being renewed then. I hope there is a Season 8 as long as Eric and Pam are in it :D
    sookie ·
    Hi Kathy! Yes, I am a huge True Blood fan, Eric is so gorgeous :D

    I haven't read the books, I started to read one but I think I am going to wait till the series if over before I read them. I know how they end too already since someone wrote a review about it but I had heard that Eric is different in the books than he is on the show?

    I love this season! They really did a great job I can't believe next week is the finale at least we are getting Season 7 :)
    Katster ·
    I will be using eyelash adhesive and as I have used that for different costumes in the past it has not bothered me (though not to that extreme) so I should be good (fingers crossed and try not to smile much) I used the eyelash glue to put on the facial hair for my Jack Sparrow costume 2 years ago. The only thing I am worried about is if you look in the original pic she has a hint of green makeup under the eyes and I am worried the glue will not adhere properly. I tried it on my hand with a green eyeliner and not good results so I will look for a green powdered eye makeup and really rub it in, maybe it will work better .Hope to see pics of your costume as I love seeing other peoples stuff!!!
    Katster ·
    Thanks for the friendship! Pinterest as you know is way too addictive, I try not to pin too much but that is so difficult I am afraid of being a pinterest hoarder but you just see so many creative ideas on there one can not help ones self LOL. I see in your albums you have a couple pictures of witches , so you might like to see my 2013 witches costume in my albums. You will probably recognize it from an inspiration dress I also got off pinterest. The original is from a gals website called glamtastik.com but I put my own take on it using spiders and stuff. If you go to this link it will take you to a pic of the original dress and the face I plan to use in the costume which of coarse came from pinterest! http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-costume-ideas/124796-your-2013-costume-plans-5.html I am finally done the dress and plan to do a trial run of the whole outfit as soon as I can get the time, hopefully this weekend.
    Helena Handbasket ·
    No, I haven't been there. I don't have a membership, so I only go once in a great while with my friend. I was at Michael's tonight though, and took pics of their merch. They have a lot of stuff out.
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