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  • Jenn&MattFromPA ·
    You are very welcome! I am glad you liked it! I bought myself those same little pumpkins - they were so cheerful & I thought they could skew vintage or modern depending on what's around them. LOL!

    I remembered another thread on here a bit back & thought you might like to read it too ~ http://www.halloweenforum.com/general-halloween/147722-advice-halloween-newborn.html

    My daughter was born in early September, so there was a time when we had her outside in her stroller, all snuggled up, while we were decorating our graveyard. :D Hard to believe that was 5 years ago now! Much luck to you & congratulations!
    The Red Hallows ·
    Thank you so much for the reap! I love everything. The fabric for the pillow is absolutely fabulous. I love the vintage feel. The mask-- Creepy! It is going to work perfectly. Everything was just perfect. Thank you for being my reaper!

    bluize ·
    Oops. I don't know how I missed it, but I just saw your message from 10/14. The Forum's iPhone app occasionally has hiccups, lol. I'm so glad you like your card! I had a lot of fun making them. My paper crafting hobby started when I wanted to make home-made invitations for a Halloween party. Like everything else related to Halloween it's become an obsession for me (80% of my supplies are Halloween themed). I really enjoyed the card exchange this year and am already floating around ideas for next year. Bwa ha ha ha!
    Madame Turlock ·
    Thank you for the handmade Halloween card. I love the vintage pumpkin head and I'm sure you will recognize the stamp set I used on the envelope of the card I mailed to you. Happy Haunting - Debby aka Madame Turlock
    nhh ·
    You are so welcome. You were definitely a great victim. :) That cemetary in NC was really fascinating. I was there on a work trip and I made my coworkers go there during lunch. :) I'm going to be making a few of those lanterns to hang in my yard too.
    scareme ·
    Like I said, it's been some time since we've lived there, but when we did you could get a lobster dinner for $6. We've told our son, sometime we would like to take you beck to see the state you were born in. My daughter asks, Would you take me back to the state I was born in? (Michigan). I say sorry honey, no. The two years we spent there will last me a lifetime. lol Poor daughter.
    scareme ·
    I forgot to say a special Thank You for the things from Maine. My husband is in the military and we have lived several places in the country. We lived in Maine for two years, and my son was born there. But that was over 20 years ago. But your gifts were a lovely reminder. I still have a pitcher with a blueberry theme on it. Which is pretty amazing considering how many times we have moved. Thanks again!
    scareme ·
    Thank you sooo much for the package. I love everything that you picked out, and especially the things you made. You are quite the artist. I recieved it on Thursday. I should have let you know that day. I've been having trouble getting pictures to load, but I think I've got it figured out. So I'm posting pictures and comments in the Secret Reaper post. Again, thank you soo much for everything, and I'm so lucky to have been your reepee.
    undead_october ·
    Hello Kardec..It says on your page that one of your interests is art. Are you an artist of some kind? If so, you should post some of your creations. If you want to ..:D
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