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  • Kymmm ·
    I used to do a party every year but the turnout started getting worse and worse.. I was a little disappointed so I decided to turn my attention to the TOTs instead. I'm kinda bummed that Halloween is in the middle of the week this year but, what cha gonna do?? lol A photo booth sounds like fun! I too try and add a few new things every year or improve on something I already have.. it keeps it fun!! Let me know from time to time what you're up to and don't forget to post pics!! :)
    Kymmm ·
    Hello.. thank you so much for the picture comment on my flying crank ghost! They are pretty simple to make. Her head is just a styrofoam wig head covered in cheesecloth.. her body is made of hangers and is also covered with cheesecloth. I made her hands out of wire hangers, masking tape and then covered in cheesecloth. I added LED eyes but I never turn them on because I like the look better without them. She is hung up by heavy gauge fishing line.. easy peasy!! :) There are several threads here on Flying Crank Ghosts. If you do a search, you will find tutorials that give you step by step directions.
    How is your haunting plans coming along for 2012? Hope you are having fun!
    Thanks again!!
    GobbyGruesome ·
    I do have a FB page, but I never go there. It's not a happy place. :p And I'm not big into the FB gaming. My wife and I aren't hugely social either in real life - although she LOVES FB. I spend most of my social networking time here. THIS would be my happy place. ;)

    Anytime with the helping. Love to help. I'm helpful to the point of annoyance.

    Totally understand about not wanting to post all the photos. It's a slow process. It's nice to have a few up though. That's where I start when I'm looking for people to bother. ;)

    70 people! Wow, that's huge! You do a great job though! That's an awesome costume prize and it looks like people are pretty competitive about it. Potions were awesome!

    We generally focus more on the TOTers and sometimes have an open house. I don't think we could reliably get enough guests otherwise with the number of parties going on. We're older as well, so we try to keep things pretty family friendly - half our guests are kids.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    There ya go! :D That gives me an idea what you're about. Looks like a great party! Tons of awesome costumes too! Must be a fun bunch of people!

    Decorations look great! Love the bloody curtains and the draping over the light, behind the black roses. And the display with the wine bottles is perfect. Did you actually make up gift bags for people? Sweet!

    BTW, apologies if you know this – If you click the little "view conversation" link when replying to people, it shows you all the discussion between those two people. And if you reply there (or on my wall), it'll send me a notification.

    You replied on your own wall (which I do accidentally about 80% of the time) so I just thought I'd mention it. Could just be the way you roll though. ;)
    kab ·
    Thanks GobbyGruesome! I haven't even thought about adding my pictures here, DUH! I will get on that. :)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey kab! Thanks for the friend request. I just stumbled across your message in the facebook thread and saw you had pretty much the coolest. name. EVER. :) Just wanted to put a face to it.

    You need to get some pictures up of your party stuff! :)
    kab ·
    I live in Castle Rock, so going up to Denver is no biggie (especially since that is where I work) :). Where do you find out about the old buildings? That sounds like a blast! Thanks for letting me know about that.
    ScaredyCat ·
    Hey kab - Thanks for the recommendation! I am in Denver, but who knows? Maybe I can get down to Colorado Springs and check it out. I enjoy going to the seasonal haunted houses, but my real love are those old buildings around town that are supposedly haunted by "real" ghosts. There are several of these places holding ghost hunts and lectures this month if you can get up here.
    I'll let you know if I can get down to the HellScream Haunt - sounds like so much fun! Thanks again!
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