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  1. Castle of Terra - Zombie Apocalypse

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    This is so sweet! What an incredible job. Bravo. My favorite line was, "You're...not scary!...*screams*" Classic. Amazing job.
  2. Big question.

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    I sincerly understand the pursue factor. I can completely appreciate that advice. But I do want somewhere to start. I know I can't jump right in to owning a haunt buisness, and I don't want to, I just don't think a 'home haunt' will cut it for me this year. I always have the option, but this...
  3. Big question.

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    I replied to your message LadyAlthea. Any other adivce or insight when it comes to starting a non-'building' haunt?
  4. Big question.

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    Thanks for the quick replies! Phoning makes a considerable amount of sense. What I am also concerned with is locations that aren't necesarilly buildings. Any thoughts on that?
  5. Big question.

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    Hey everyone, new to the forum, but I'll be starting off with a pretty big question. I've wanted to run a haunted house for a while now. I know small 'home' haunts are always the first thing to come up when a beginner or somewhat beginner wants to give haunting a shot. I'm not saying I want to...