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  1. 'Candy.' just in time for Halloween

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    Just in time for HALLOWEEN we invite you to enjoy 'Candy.' a short film that throws back to some of the originators of the genre. A little Hitchcock and a little Twilight Zone mixed with the humor of Bewtiched & the style & sexuality of Marilyn Monroe. WATCH THE FULL MOVIE on BLIP.TV...
  2. 'Candy.' just in time for Halloween

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    StarFruit Productions & Bloody Unique Entertainment have released their short film 'Candy.' just in time for Halloween. “We wanted to bring something new into the horror genre. A female character that is delightfully evil. A throwback to styles that I loved, with influences from Alfred...
  3. Hello Fellow Halloween Lovers

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    Thanks Everyone! I'm looking forward to taking part in the Year Round Halloween Festivities!
  4. Hello Fellow Halloween Lovers

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    I want to introduce myself to everyone. I'm an all around film maker. I'm an actor/producer/writer/director who has just stepped out from doing other peoples projects to do my first Horror Halloween Short film called "Candy." I'm hoping that "Candy." will become a part of the Halloween...
  5. Thee official 2010 Halloween Horror Movie Challenge

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    Oct. 1- Saw 6 Oct. 2- Dolls Oct. 3- A Nightmare on Elm St.