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  • GiggleFairy ·
    Hey! Congrats on having a kindergartner! Take lots of pics - the time goes by FAST! And enjoy her. I was homeroom mom when my daughter was in kinder; now she's 17! I hope other than having a little sick one y'all are doing okay. I survived Harvey, but it's been HELL here! I think I'm going to try and get out today to see if anything has opened back up and/or has Halloween stuff out. I'm jonesing! LOL!
    Attic Hatch ·
    Hey JMFP! Sorry for the delayed response. I didn't seem to get the notification.
    I'm honored if people want to share my pictures, so feel free.
    I've been busy day break to bedtime, so I might not get to look at that site or post all the stuff I want (here or at that site) for a while.
    THAT SAID, Today I'll be posting some images of a prop that I just finished Monday.
    Kardec251985 ·
    Thank you so much for the wonderful reaping! I love the items you picked out and really cannot wait until the baby is old enough to enjoy having Goodnight Goon read to her. :D
    matrixmom ·
    Ok unless I get you for the main reaper, you need to write me a Matrix poem for my victims' teasers!. I always send these corny" The matrix has you"- images for the reaper. :D
    Hilda ·
    I need to make it to Knoebels for the Halloween fun!!
    We love it there. I am always 'too busy' in October to get there. I swear I will make it one of these years!
    Another thing we have in common. Knoebels is our special place too. :)
    matrixmom ·
    Thanks so much for the epitaphs!! those were awesome. How can you come up with these so quick? You have a gift!!
    Hilda ·
    Your post is cracking me up!!!!! Isn't that the truth?!
    You go looking for one photo of something and it's like you stepped into the TARDIS.
    Oh. And you MUST do a shrunken head for your witch shack. I insist!!
    Hilda ·
    Oops sorry. I was so excited to send you that link. I forgot to tell you to scroll down a little bit on the page.
    You can see where I sponge-painted them.
    I hope that helps!
    Hilda ·
    I just took the tour of your album! That is so much fun!! Thank you for sharing.
    I really enjoyed it. :D
    punkineater ·
    Thank you for all the wonderful photo comments! I will use it as fuel to keep plugging away with our haunt setup(now entering grueling week 3...ugh!)
    scarybella ·
    The cauldron turned out great. But those skulls you did woooooooooahhhhh gimme gimme :D did you do a how
    to for them...They're great
    purpleferrets3 ·
    That's awesome! Thank you for such kind words. Makes me happy to know that it makes you happy!!. Hope you and your family have an amazing Halloween!
    matrixmom ·
    Glad you like my suggestion, even though the dollar tree have gotten better looking (they use to look like aliens before) I think opening the jaw up or cutting out all together makes it look better.:)
    Hilda ·
    Oh we LOVE Knoebels!! Go there every year!
    Yes. I want an apple dumpling so bad now hahaha Thank you for sharing. How wonderful!!
    Hilda ·
    First of all, loved your cemetery setup from that thread earlier today! Gorgeous colors.
    Second... I am STARVING now. I never had that pumpkin dip but I want some now!! Yum-Oh!
    Hilda ·
    THAT was hilarious!! Spot on too!
    Back in 1986 the magnificence of Bowie's... 'wardrobe' in Labyrinth was lost on me because I was too busy being completely seduced by Darkness in Legend. hahahahaha Oh mannnnnnnnnn What a beast!! ;)
    Hilda ·
    Oh no. I have cheesy Labyrinth song in my head now!!! NOOOOOOOOOO
    hahahahaha I'm laughing so hard. 80s Bowie. What's not to love.
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