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  1. The Four Word Story

    blade of a chainsaw
  2. Happiness is...

    knowing obama will soon be out of office.
  3. Tombstone Tribute idea

    General Halloween
    I wouldnt concider that a tribute at all. I have a more real look to my g.yard, and have duplicated several stones but not the names.
  4. What was the last HORROR movie you watched?

    Horror Discussion
    the human centipede...if ya dont know anything about this movie, consider fortune on your side.
  5. The Four Word Story

    until it started snowing
  6. The Four Word Story

    start a cat fight
  7. The Four Word Story

    face looked like..so
  8. The Evil Wish Game

    I hope (wish) not!
  9. What happened to chat?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    its very obvious the chat room is not going to return, halloween forum is going to loose members to haunt forum because they have a chat room that is maintained.real shame to have to jump ship...oh well..:mad:
  10. The Four Word Story

    change their pants. But.....
  11. Lighting: the lighter side of you..

    Halloween Props
    what kind of lighting do you use in your cemetry? ive seen bright neon stones lit by black lite..strobes of different size, brightness and colors...i perfer dim lites and dim strobes on the tomb stones..what do you use?
  12. Electronic/Software: Sparking fuse box

    Halloween Props
    the gargoyles and the angels are so cool, wish i had the room and budget for them.
  13. The Four Word Story

    into a deep dark
  14. The Four Word Story

    keep from drying up
  15. Happiness is...

    having a perfect halloween night..60...no wind,,no rain,,and lots of toters!