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  • WitchyKitty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:41 PM
    It's amazing all that you are doing for your pumpkins, Col. Kdestra, great score on the patio set...I'd have grabbed that up, too, in a heartbeat!!!
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  • pumpkinpie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:08 AM
    Love it!!!! Cant wait to see more :)
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  • bfjou812's Avatar
    05-17-2019, 11:17 AM
    bfjou812 replied to a thread Pneumatic: Pop-up Lunger mech plan in Halloween Props
    The one I built was based on the design from Pandemic Haunt Productions. I changed some of the dimensions to suit my needs, but the basic idea and layout was there and that is what I used. Their website seems to be gone, not sure if they are still in business. If you want to pm me and I might be able to send you the plans. I did change things in the construction of it due to the fact that I didn't / don't like the idea of a bolt going through a hole in a square tube for a pivot. I used...
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  • bfjou812's Avatar
    05-17-2019, 05:05 AM
    You would be better off trying a local fabrication shop.
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  • bfjou812's Avatar
    05-17-2019, 04:58 AM
    bfjou812 replied to a thread Pneumatic: Pop-up Lunger mech plan in Halloween Props
    Here is one I built a few years ago. The only thing I can envision is the whole mechanism falling from the ceiling if not very securely mounted. If the movement is somewhat fast/violent you will have the whole thing moving around if not secured. If you have any questions , PM me here.
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  • WitchyKitty's Avatar
    05-15-2019, 01:23 PM
    Sorry to hear about the millet getting munched. :( I deal with plant destruction via hungry woodland critters on a daily basis...
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  • WitchyKitty's Avatar
    05-15-2019, 01:22 PM
    Our weather is, finally, warming up to outdoor planting temps!! Now that our lows are out of the danger far...and our highs are jumping up to 70's and 80's all of the sudden (why do we never have a nice, long Spring or Fall, anymore?? Just right up to 80's...sigh...), I went ahead and started planting my seedlings in ground, outside. Of course, no sooner do I do this and the weather says possible severe storms, tomorrow. Sigh, again. Here's to hoping everything doesn't get pummeled. ...
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  • JustaBunchOfHocusPocus's Avatar
    05-11-2019, 06:27 PM
    Hello and welcome to the Forum! :) I hope you enjoy your time on here. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
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  • JustaBunchOfHocusPocus's Avatar
    05-11-2019, 06:23 PM
    Childs Play series
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  • JustaBunchOfHocusPocus's Avatar
    05-11-2019, 06:22 PM
    Thanks for posting this up! :) I'll be checking it out.
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  • JustaBunchOfHocusPocus's Avatar
    05-11-2019, 06:21 PM
    Wow! I love this! I'm so glad somebody did this! I'm big with Stephen King so I'm so excited to see something like this! :) You did a lovely job! Keep up the good work!!
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  • JustaBunchOfHocusPocus's Avatar
    05-11-2019, 06:00 PM
    Welcome! :) I hope you enjoy yourself here! This is a lovely Forum and everyone is very helpful.
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-11-2019, 03:39 PM
    Oh no!!! I am so very sorry!!!! Very thankful you and your pets are safe...but how devastating!
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-10-2019, 06:12 PM
    Hello!!! Welcome back to the forum!!!
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-10-2019, 06:11 PM
    Hello , welcome to the forum!
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  • WitchyKitty's Avatar
    05-08-2019, 10:59 AM
    Interesting. If I can get some of each to germinate and get to full size/bloom, it'll be cool to see the differences in the two and what they each attract in my area. I love sunflowers...they are gorgeous and always give me those first "Fall is coming" feelings in the, they give me seeds for the animals for the Winter!
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  • WitchyKitty's Avatar
    05-08-2019, 08:57 AM
    I got my Sunflowers started, yesterday, in my greenhouse. I just kept forgetting to start them...grrrr. Oh well. They are both Giant varieties: the Mammoth Gray Stripes I usually plant and some new Russian Giant ones that a friend sent me some seeds of. We will see how they do as, last year, animals ripped all mine up and the one that made it was broken before it could bloom...sigh... It's getting closer and closer to time to start germinating my pumpkins, squash and cucumbers...counting...
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  • WitchyKitty's Avatar
    05-08-2019, 08:53 AM
    :eek: Well...I guess one is better than none! I hope that one you have, so far, makes it and gives you some gourds! Here's to hoping maybe some stragglers will germinate and pop up for you to give your single one some friends!
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    05-07-2019, 06:34 PM
    I haven't been on here in so long so I am catching up. Saki, that voodoo kit is awesome. I have been planning to add a voodoo section to my yard but just have never pulled it off. I have quite a few pieces of things but just haven't had the follow through. offmymeds I have some things for you.
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    05-07-2019, 06:08 PM
    This is going to be so much fun. I know you and your work with cardboard that looks like the real deal. Can't wait to follow this along! Would love to attend.
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    05-07-2019, 05:49 PM
    Great haul Dawnski! I would love to find a bunch of scene setters or any witch or wizard of fortune teller stuff like that!
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    05-07-2019, 05:45 PM
    I bought this last week for $5. The woman said that the sound was broken but could probably be fixed. She agreed to ship it to me and packed it up in lots of bubble wrap and sent it. Shipping was a little over $11 and well worth it. Sound does work, but I haven't done much more than pull it out the box and flip on the switch for a few seconds. I also scored a 6 ft. witch for $25. It was in a small town about an hour and a half from me. I have an ex student who lives there so I PayPal 'd her...
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  • dawnski's Avatar
    05-07-2019, 03:01 PM
    This is my skip year but I'm doing an 80s themed party for 2020. Got a whole bunch of giveaway items for the kids and 80s decor items too. Thought I was buying a lot. One day someone bought 3 shopping carts full of costumes. Today a guy in a huge white van had at least 100 bags of party merchandise. Got to imagine that some of these people are reselling at flea markets or something. Sorry, don't know why this photo ended up upside down.
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  • dawnski's Avatar
    05-07-2019, 02:57 PM
    Okay, I have been in my own personal Halloween heaven these last couple weeks. There is a solitary Party City that is closing down near my house. They have been putting out their Halloween items at 70 to 90 percent off. Got a whole bunch of wall scene setters too! These photos are only half of what I've bought. Picked up a ton of costumes for my props too. I've been stopping in every couple days as they keep bringing more stuff out. I've spent around $250 but have picked up $1000 worth...
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    05-07-2019, 01:17 PM
    Stinkerbell those are awesome ideas. what do you attach the sides to? I would love to do something like this but don't have poles or anything to attach sides to. I just looked at your link and saw the canopies put together. Duh, I never thought of that either! Smacks my head. We have had so much rain the past few years, I really wish I could use my large screened porch in the back yard, but hubby is adamant about not having them in the back. He is afraid of lawsuits and I keep telling we...
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  • WitchyKitty's Avatar
    05-06-2019, 12:16 PM
    Like ooojen and some others, our weather is still too up and down to start and pumpkins or squash. All I have planted outside is still some lettuce and carrots...which recently started sprouting...and I just transplanted some of my flower seedlings from my greenhouse into my fairy garden, which I set up, yesterday, and into pots. We will see how they do with our up and down temps and more upcoming rainy weather (come on, Illinois is already drowning and flooding!!). I still have Marigolds,...
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  • dbruner's Avatar
    04-30-2019, 04:42 PM
    So sorry for your loss!
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  • dbruner's Avatar
    04-30-2019, 04:40 PM
    Only a few short months until the good stuff hits the stores. I hate it when stores have Christmas stuff early but love it when they get Halloween in July!!
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  • WitchyKitty's Avatar
    04-26-2019, 11:01 AM
    I have my Pumpkin on a Stick's sprouting, too. They are doing pretty good. I hope I'll get to plant them outside, soon...but, alas, not yet, as we have possible snow coming this weekend. As for the grow lights, previously I had just been using regular under cabinet lights attached to each shelf in my mini greenhouse. For my birthday in December, my husband bought me an actual LED grow light with the red and blue lights to replace my regular light that fried itself. While the regular lights I...
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  • HALLOWEENTOWN3110's Avatar
    04-25-2019, 09:33 AM
    Yeah sure is a change in the weather for the next few days.....Rain forecast for the weekend ahead
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    What drum corp are you talking about? In my family, My brother and two sisters were in the Colt 45's (in the 70's). And my nephew spent 8 years traveling with the Colts out of Dubuque, Iowa. He got the chance to direct a couple of times and he loved it. He's a music major in Chicago now. Me? I warmed the bleachers and clapped my heart out for 20 some years. No music talent here.
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    and to all a Good Night!

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    happy Birthday Ish
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    Check at a website called jackdawlanding, they have some really cool gothic pin up style dresses.
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    Our situations sound so eerily similar. My sister is bi-polar and has borderline personality disorder as well. She is 7 years older than me and has this deep-seeded jealousy of me that comes out as hatred so often. I've finally had to basically sever ties with her for my own sanity. It's really a sad situation, but I can't keep subjecting myself to the roller coaster of emotional torment she dishes out. I feel like I'm starting to improve somewhat with this pneumonia, but I'm still doing breathing treatments several times a day. Hopefully this week I'll at least have some energy to contact the last known attorney Mom dealt with to see where to go next with this ordeal.
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    you were in my profile, are you my reaper?
  10. Love this Darius!

    blood droops on Roses and tipped over caskets,
    black lights and spiders and strange glowing baskets
    decaying old bodies all tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    old granite tomb stones and things that are creepy
    little small things that frighten the sleepy
    specters and statues with reptilian wings
    these are a few of my favorite things.

    ghost in the grave yard and wicked old hags
    things that make children think twice with their bags
    zombies who make the bats flutter and scream
    These are a few of my Favorite things.

    When the dead rise
    When the wolves bite
    when your feeling ... hmmmm .. bad
    Just simply remember my favorite things
    then you will feel quite maaaad!
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