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  • scareme ·
    Hi there! I'm going to be moving back to Dubuque in two years when my hubby retires from the Air Force. I'm looking forward to it, but I'll miss Halloween in the 70's like we have down here. I noticed in your post in Little Things, that you only had 13 toters. That's probably what I'll start out with too. Here in Oklahoma we started out with about 60. As our haunted yard grew, so did the crowds. Last year was almost 800. It's gotten expensive, but I love it. Are there any halloween groups that get together in Iowa?
    IowaGuy ·
    Yea I learned about winters in Iowa the hard way, no forewarning...hehe. Immediately bought a 4x4 truck, got rid of the no-power saturn wagon (a.k.a POS). This years weather will be a close call, last year wasn't too bad. Last couple weeks we went through an overnight freeze but this week its gone back up to the 70's. My fingers are crossed! Hows South Carolina and why did you move?
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Ya the weather really does suck. During the summer people here always ask if I miss the Iowa weather, since it must be cooler! :eek: They don't really get it when I tell them that Iowa has the worst of the worst weather. The hotest of hot summers and wicked cold winters. :( But autmn is fabulous!!!! :D
    Nice to have you here on the forum.
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