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  1. Horror Sounds of The Night (Topstones Industries # 5030)

    Halloween Music
    Thanks for the audio! I'm going to add it to my collection and run them through my house. This'll add yet another layer of truly ghoulishness to my Haunted House!
  2. My Haunted Yard

    General Halloween
    What a great year! This was the first time I had a good place to unleash all my ghoulish ideas. Thank you to this site, LightForm Productions, and the numerous great posts from all of my fellow Halloween Fans here! The picture is only a portion of what I've done, and the "night" view is the...
  3. Mechanical: Is the new life sized animated jason worth 129.00

    Halloween Props
    Static display would be ok, but the one's I've seen in the Halloween Stores were kind of boring.
  4. Lighting: Awesome Color LED lights for great price!!!

    Halloween Props
    Great Find! I just ordered 10 of these things! I'm really looking forward to seeing just how cool they'll look on my display! Thanks from the InnerDemon!
  5. A Ghoulish Hello To All My New Friends!

    Member Introduction
    I've finally found a great place to go all out for Halloween and after some fun searches, I found this great site! Thanks to the Creators of this site and all who have submitted great pictures, information, and links to GREAT Halloween sites! Because of all of you, my friends and neighbors...