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  • Flynn Manor ·
    Hey Industen. I just saw a video on youtube showing your guillotine in action. I thought it was fantastic! Just wondering if you would be interested in sharing exactly how you got the blade to drop and retract. Again, GREAT work. Take care.
    Muffy ·
    Greetings Industen,

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We are trying to get the "Halloween Online Building Group" up & running again, there is a start-up post on the "General Halloween" board. We are looking for volunteer teachers to teach projects. Your name has come up quite a few times as to the animatronic things you build.

    Our group was online for little over a year here in the forum, we all had a great time. I got pretty sick & things just kind of fell apart. We been talking some time about getting it going again cause we had such fun building together in the off season.

    It all is done right here in the forum....in the tutorials section our Halloween online building group is listed on the top of the tutorials section. Its the 2nd one under Tutorial requests. There are project threads in there so you can kind of get an idea how this works. Two threads for each project, one for instructor the other for students to post project pictures, ask questions & discuss among themselves.

    This group was started to help people build projects that they would never take on.

    Is there any way we could ask you to take on this project? The project start-up date is February......materials & tool list posted by January, so they can start purchasing right after Xmas. Terra & I would assist you w/ any questions. PIctures....we would need photos to go along w/ the project so do you have a means to do that? As far as completion time....we leave that up to you.

    Hope you think this over for we would love to have you.
    bert1913 ·
    thanks for the compliment. i tried posting on my post, but it wouldn't let me. so here you go. i used a picoboo f104 controller which has 2 outputs. i built a pvc coffin sit up and mounted it on a small peice of plywood. i mounted a 11/2 x 7inch stroke under the bed and attached the plywood to the 7" cylinder.
    i wired the drawer, lamp and raise cylinder on switch 1 then wired the red light and pop up on switch 2
    hope this helps. happy haunting, bert
    spookman ·
    Do u still sell the starter kits for the ground breaking zombie? Also does that come with the sound file and plans for the frame? Thanks and keep up the good work
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow and what a great prop Industen! How on earth did you make it? You will be the rave of the kiddies this year for sure! BOO!
    kingschaff ·
    Heard it was your b-day.... I wish nothing but the grimmest for one of my favorite haunters...lol.. have a great day buddy
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