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  1. Gone Country Nightmare Idea

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Oh, also we have hay bales we have to keep outside (and return to owner) for the party. They do want a scarecrow, which is super easy because I made the costume last year for my husband. He scared many children and adults. I'll just stuff it and stick a pole in it. But for the rest....
  2. Sanitarium hospital type theme NEED IDEAS!!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    You could have some syringes laying around, with fake needles. I found a whole bunch of 5ml syringes (no needles) and painted toothpicks silver and glued them on. Some I drew up some creepy colors then glued it on. Looked pretty cool!
  3. Easy edible spiders

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I bet it would look good with dried dates as well. YUM!!
  4. Gone Country Nightmare Idea

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello fellow haunters!, I need help with decorating ideas for a large work halloween party. The theme is "Gone Country Nightmare." It is being held in a ballroom at a local restaurant. Inside there is a full bar, dance floor, small outside patio (mostly for smokers) and we will have a live...
  5. Halloween pinup photoshoot ideas

    General Halloween
    That's today, Good luck!! have a hauntly good time! :D
  6. Official Secret Reaper Discussion

    General Halloween
    I posted on the picture thread, but alas it twas me! Err... I-->lean. From your neighboring state of New Mexico. I wanted the gifts to come from all over, except New Mexico. It seems I was the only one involved from this state and I didn't want to give myself away. I really hope you enjoyed your...
  7. The official pictures thread for Secret Reaper 2012

    General Halloween
    Secrets out!! It twas me from New Mexico! I am really glad it came nicely and you enjoyed it. I thought it would be fun to have it postmarked from other places. :D I know you didn't mention you like Merlot, but I noticed it came up a lot in your messages. I-->lean
  8. Official Secret Reaper Discussion

    General Halloween
    Oh KYMMM!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It truely felt like christmas! I loved the teaser letters, they're still on my fridge. I was shocked at how wonderful this gift was. It's like you really know who I am. I do have to ask how you sent your letters from somewhere else when you were in...
  9. It feels like fall!!!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    In new mexico it rains this time a year to finally cool off the 90+. It rained all last night, and I bet it's about 58 degrees F. That's what makes it seem like fall. I wish it we would lose our leaves sooner, we lose them towards November. Also, as soon as I decide to make oatmeal cookies is...
  10. Official Secret Reaper Discussion

    General Halloween
    "The time draws near" Thank you secret reaper you made my day!!!!!! YIPEE!! I was giggly all night. :D
  11. The Official Sign up for the Secret Reaper 2012

    General Halloween
    Victim..... ready or not here I come!!!
  12. Am I CRAZY? Just drove 60 miles Round Trip for the Costco 60 " posable Skellies

    General Halloween
    I used to live in Wyoming, and would have to drive 90+ miles just to see a starbucks. Oh that was one way. I would drive 90 just for good groceries. You have no idea.
  13. Prop Showcase: DIY Foam Pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Tutorial when finished?! This would be awesome!!
  14. Homemade Web Spinner

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Well my ingenious husband turned on the sprinkler last night. So, for the most part it kind of went away. There was still goobers on the fence, but the bush I tried it on still had some. I wonder if after you spray your spider web if you some how dust everything in flour or something like dust...
  15. Need help finding a couple of pieces...

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Your daughter is adorable. If I find one down here in New Mexico. They're everywhere. Let me look for a company.