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  • Gatordave ·
    IC, Just had to check in. I was following the Scooby Doo Diver thread earlier in 2011. How did it turn out??? From what I saw earlier it looked awesome. Ever find your seaweed??
    Gatordave ·
    IC Have not searched around the site in awhile but remembered watching your progress on the "dive ghost" with envy. How is it going?
    Guest ·
    LOVE your idea to use the fence for a flower box. never would've thought of that!! Thank you!!! :)
    GiggleFairy ·
    I'm loving your skull in the potion jar. I have a brand new Dremel, never out of the box. I should be so ashamed of myself. I bought it because I had the money and so many other people use theirs for various things. Maybe I should get the thing out and see what all it can do!
    Mad Mad Mark ·
    Hey, Thank you so much for the vid. It helped to see the process. It's too bad you have to destroy the mold to get at the finished product. If you poured liquid latex, I would imagine then you could yank it out. As you say, it would depend on the casting agent. I am thinking since the mold is rubbery you may not damage the mold if the item to be extracted is also flexible.

    I think I read in one of your posts you have used your hand mold for lots of castings.

    This may sound like a dumb question (but that never stops me)......I take it the materials you use in your projects are "Non-Toxic" Yes???

    Thanks once more for your advice!!!
    icyuod2 ·
    here's a link to an easy to follow video.
    YouTube - Life Casting: How to Make a Mold of Your Hand with Alginate
    I didn't use a release, but it is advised.
    depending on the shape of your hand,(and your casting agent) sometimes you can just yank the hand out (like he does with his own hand)
    with things like plaster, you'll have to break the mold.

    you can see in the vid how it stays somewhat rubbery.

    Insta-mold or aligi-safe (pretty much the same product) cost about $10 for a small bag. (cheaper if you buy larger amounts)
    If you use containers barely large enough for your hand, you'll save a lot of cash.

    I can't stress how quick you need to be with mixing this product. you take too long mixing, and it will set up on you long before you get your hand into it. :)
    Mad Mad Mark ·
    Thanks for the imfo! questions; to make the mold itself, do I stick my hand into this stuff in a vertical position or do I lay my hand in flat and cover it?

    Also, how hard is it to extract the finished casting from the hand mold, do I just yank it out and do I need to coat the mold first with a release agent of some kind? And the insta-mold ....expensive?

    Please forgive all the questions, but "casting" is new for me. Thanks for your help.
    Mad Mad Mark ·
    Hey! Saw your comments on the thread about making teeth . looks like you have made some great hands. Could you please tell me what I need to ask for at Michelle's ? "Alginate" was it?

    How did you make the mold for the hand and is the mold itself made of the same Alginate? I make a lot of life size zombie/human props and the hands are always a problem for me.
    Pumpkin Butcher ·
    What's up bro?
    So where are your albums at dude? You should post up some pics on your page so I can drop in and lust after all your cool props here........ hint, hint.......
    IshWitch ·
    Didn't know if you caught the reply I posted to your question, know how it is to lose track of stuff on here! So much to look at! ;D Val

    thx a bunch ishwitch. that info is priceless!
    yup they do get hot. i've only turned it on for a few seconds to see if it works, but i can see how after a few min's of use, leathergloves would be a must.

    this thing extends to 10'. had you not told me to keep one foot forward, i'm sure this thing would havegone over eventually.

    so one more question for the resident pro. (if you don't mind)
    color gels? while i'm sure this light would melt a gel in seconds, are there attachments that can be usedto change thecolor of thelighting?

    No prob!
    My resident film expert says they clip (w/the clothespin) the gel to the shade flaps. It is far enough away and lets enough air in to dissipate the heat. The gel will get warm but shouldn't melt. They fold the gel over an upper corner of the shade and clip it and then do the same to the opposite bottom corner.

    Glad to help!
    Pumpkin Butcher ·
    Yes I did, and I'm quite impressed! Dude, you've got some mad fab skills!
    I bought a small Lincoln stick welder from a friend of mine, but I still need to get 220 hooked up out in my garage. I've never used one, but my brother is very good at it and has committed to teaching me. I have a 72 Kawasaki Z1 900 basket case I'd like to put together. Maybe a late 70's style drag bike kinda thing to tool around town on. Make it look fast, whether it is or not. Flat black of course!
    ANYTHING you think I might want to see, send it my way bro! :cool:
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