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  • The Halloween Lady ·
    I just saw your post about your biceps tendon... I can totally relate, last year with in an 8 month period my husband tore both biceps tendons!!! The doc said it was just a freak occurrence, wrong angle at the wrong moment.
    Your bone throne looks fabulous! I hope your on the mend.
    Curlgoddess ·
    Thanks for the advice on the Tracer Jr. projector. Bought it yesterday and it's going to work perfectly for what I need. :D
    doto ·
    Join Date:09-09-2009.Last Activity:09-21-2011 08:23 AM.Blog Entries:0.

    Your back??? Hope this means you are feeling better.
    osenator ·
    Hi, can you send me your email, I am trying to make a group of Haunters in Ottawa to get together, if you want to join in, we are up to almost 8-10 people.
    Take care,

    osenator ·
    Hey, I am a noob too, I just joined here after last halloween. I discovered so many cool things here since. I also live in Orleans too, 2 minutes from Doto. I am trying to contact other people that lives close to us. Remember, you are not alone! (L) Maybe we can help all each other building and learning stuff together. Doto really helped me building my first PVC Pipe prop, as organinizing my collection. I'll pm you my info, take care!
    osenator ·
    Cool! There is also Doto is in Orleans too with me. We meet already a few times. You should come to meet us one day! We should get everyone in the Ottawa region together in October and have a prop party!
    Nikita ·
    Dude! How have you been after your post-halloween-depression? Having any ideas about next year yet? I'm already coming on strong with two sick concepts; one for this year and pone for the next; which will be my 13th party! Has to be perfect of course!

    Check in if you're around, like to hear your news!
    Nikita ·

    The 'View Conversation' button does work, but there's no signal anywhere telling you something has been posted (I think, maybe I'm just dumb).

    I know exactly what you mean, got all the H'ween things lying around in the hallway and really don't feel like putting them back in the attic (don't know how to fit it in there eighter)!

    And I took my little Betty Boop Hallowe'en doll back in my suitcase with personal H'ween things; I only put her up on my dressing table in October...I think I can hear her crying from within the suitcase..very sad.

    Luckily I've got serveral parties a year, so I'm just gonna focus on the next party, don't know what that is gonna be yet though..I've got this Brazilian Death Metal tour coming up, it's around 6 bands that can fill a day's program in my bar...I'm thinking of calling it 'Night of the living Death". Fun!
    Nikita ·
    Whahaha! Sweetheart, the idea is that you post your reactions on my page, not your own! hahahaha, briliant! I just figured out now...crappy, 'cause they're pretty good ideas...hahaha. Well, next time maybe. Thanx a lot anyway!
    IC_Dedpeeple ·
    Hmmm....how about this....
    Make small, but noticeable paper "wooden stakes" that could be pinned to your crew's costumes. have a pile of them of hand. Tell your guests that you suspect the presence of members of various vampire clans, and ask for assistance in finding them. each time a clan member is properly identified (including which clan he/she belongs to), the guest gets to pin a stake on the vampire and write their (the guest) name on the stake. At some point (or at the end) of the party, whoever has staked the most vampires wins a small prize...and whichever vampire has been correctly identified the most also wins a small prize. I know it's not usual to reward a vampire for getting staked, but in this case, it means that vampire played their role the best.
    Or just give a prize to the guest only. I'll get back to you if I think of anything else.
    IC_Dedpeeple ·
    "how can I translate the role-play they are used to, to a bigger audience? There will be a lot of people (100 or more) and less then 10 people crew."

    That's a tough one. I've never heard of anyone doing that before, but it's a cool idea. I think it would be very tricky to have your crew easy to identify without it being silly...after all, vampires notoriously avoid public notice. I'll have to think about that and get back to you...right now, the only thing I can think of is posting some sort of ghoulish sign at the party stating that vampires are present. Maybe have a stack of hand-out sheets printed that give a very brief description of the clans that are present at the party...sort of under the guise of an info sheet "for your information and protection". Maybe include a list of DO's and DONT's...include just enough info to help other guests possibly identify the various clans at the party (keep it short, or people won't read it). This might, in turn, inspire your crew to play their parts better.
    Nikita ·
    Hellöw! Great, you inspire me right away! Now I understand why the want me to make a character sheet; it's the history and abilities of the person I'll become.. I'm used to giving Hallowe'en parties, but don't have any experience in role-play. Normally we always have one or two crewmeetings (the first went completely wrong, last weekend), to get into the role and character, so I guess I was on the right way already. I was planning a second crewmeeting this weekend, with costumes; that is in line with your advice too.

    No I wonder, how can I translate the role-play they are used to, to a bigger audience? There will be a lot of people (100 or more) and less then 10 people crew. So I need us to be very obvious and get the others to join in their way, with the costume they thought of themselves...

    I'm afraid people eighter won't notice the play going on, or find it childish...

    Thanx for your help so far, you get my imagination going!
    Nikita ·
    Heya!!! I'm happily shocked about your Vampire-role-play story! Where did that come from? It's like lightning at a clear sky (dunno if that's a saying in English..) Please help me out here; I've got this crew of Vampire-role-players; but they don't know **** about Hallowe'en, so I need to get them to not-be-role-player-but-more-theatrical.... Any ideas? If you need some info, I posted the situation on..crap, well, the same thread as your Vampire story, and a little blog entry...Please help me out! Greetz, Nikita (srry for this stressy message)
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