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  • GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey! How are you doing? Hope the weather isn't affecting you too badly out there.

    Been busy this year. My wife suggested we add a bunch of tombstones and those just seem to take me forever to carve. Then we put together an animated reaper based on a reindeer motor. Just got that out tonight. Still lots to do before the TOTers get here, but I'm hoping we'll have everything completely done by the end of tomorrow and won't be touching things up while they're arriving as usual.

    How 'bout you? Did you fit anything new into your plans this year?
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Yeah, Value Village always gets my hopes up - they have tons of stuff, their shelves are bursting at the seams, but there's never anything really inspiring. We have a pretty mellow Halloween compared to most here (we're gettin old ;) ) - we focus mainly on making the yard look cool for the TOTers (we only get about 75) and we try to keep it pretty family-friendly. Some years we also have an open house - my wife sets up one of those Halloween villages in the dining room which she likes to show off. We let our friends take care of the big parties.

    How about you? I imagine it's gotta be tough getting in the spirit with College happening.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey, how you doing? I was just in there for about two minutes, and the merchandisers were going nuts. I might have lost a limb if I got in their way. Prices on the couple items I checked didn't seem like bargains. There were some latex face appliances (reel fx or something like that?) for 14.99 which seemed like a decent price. Everything else seemed pretty standard - more than something like walmart for sure.
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow hurricanegame!
    Noticed your query to bethene about her "Thank You " box from last year's Secret Reaper Exchange. I made sure she got everything that we all contributed to her HUGE box of goodies - and you can see the pics of her box of Thank You gifts in her photo albums. She truly loved everything we sent! You were so sweet to participate and hope your college work went well too! This years SR exchange is even bigger! We will have to come up with something special for her again to say Thank You! Take care and BOO!
    ihauntu ·
    please join the Canadian haunters unite social group on this site, just click on social and follow groups to us Haunted hosers...
    halloweenbarb ·
    thank you. The best thing this year is... our vortex is working like a charm. I hope I don t jinx myself. the weather was great tonight and we had 596 victims!
    hurricanegame ·
    Cool..thanks for the information, I'm going to check that out..I have to get everything ready for Halloween (have tomorrow morning as well but don't want to leave it all for tomorrow) but before I do that going to do some surfing and what not..yeah we Halloween freaks are all here..people sometimes give you that odd look in person when you are buying all the stuff, talking about it all month..I even had the ladies at my work last year (worked in a department where there more of the ladies than us guys) buy Halloween stuff weeks in advance and decorate the office..good thing you found this site..really laid back and chill here..post pictures if you get any..
    Living DeadGirl ·
    Oh that parade is insane. Greenwich Village is known for its artsy, eclectic neighborhood and they go all out for this parade. Huge floats, bands the whole nine yards. There is definately footage on youtube, plus if you go to the parade site-google-NYC Village Halloween parade and you should be able to find it. There are tons of picture, so much talent! I just found this site while searching how to make a mask I needed for this year's theme. I just love it, there's so much info here. I have to add it's nice to find people like myself. My friends and family all think Im insane when I plan my costume a year in advance. Here-that's not very unusual at all.
    foggyfathoms ·
    I got a bunch of store bought props,but have built alot of stuff too.i don't have video.i tried to upload some and can' t get it on.i guess i need to upgrade my computer.its a bummer.
    Living DeadGirl ·
    No, I wish I was, we live in NY-so right now we're in an apt. So not enough space. But we're going to be marching in the NYC Village Parade.
    soni ·
    Awwwwww thanks!!! Yes the party was a lot of fun, its just too bad its over, lol!!!
    So how are things going for you???
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