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  • slash ·
    hey that werewolf looked great will you post a how to I would like to attempt to make one as well I like the hands too they look sharp..
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    hallow huggybear!! Thanks for stopping by to visit my pics! Well - I wish I could take credit for the headless horseman, but he was made by an artist we learned about a few years ago. The guy works in fiberglass and makes props for theme parks and big displays. He advertised an extra Horseman and we couldn't resist the purchase! You should have seen the glances from others driving past us trailing a fake horse and a headless guy in the front passenger seat! LOL Well - so glad you enjoyed the scene. It has served us well through the past several years. Not sure what we will do with him when we retire to our dream of living on a sailboat!! LOL (Maybe he floats ;)
    thathalloweenguy ·
    Love the hands. I think we are going to have a witch theme this year. I am always looking to see good new models for inspiration. Thanks. Maybe I will incorporate a couple of things I have found here. I once read that copying is the most sincere form of flattery, or something like that.
    Dollylinn ·
    Love your Jack skellington! He really looks good. Does he come apart for storage? Now to try to decide which one to try and make. I'm gonna have to watch movie again.

    I am going to start making some of the characters. The only one I have figured out so faf is Sally, the easiest one.
    Dutchess of Darkness ·
    Welcome to the family huggybear, I'd better inform you, resistance is futile, you now belcong to us, sooo pull up a tomestone and make yourself at home. Look forward to getting to know you.
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