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  1. To All of my DFW area Haunter friends!

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    My wife grabbed some info on this at the Lake Cities 4th of July festival
  2. Graveyard Fence

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Just curious, for those who have tried this fence. Would finials with a 1" base work better vs. the 3/4" where you have to heat the ends? Or would they be too loose or look awkward?
  3. Remodelling House to Maximize Halloween Architecture

    General Halloween
    Scream, you're looking at the wrong type of bamboo flooring. There's the Natural bamboo, which is relatively soft and susceptible to scratching and denting and there's what's called a Strand or Woven bamboo, which (on the Janka rating) is one of the hardest surfaces available.
  4. Static: My take on the "Beloved" Tomb Stone.

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    Great job!
  5. Prop Showcase: LIST ALL YOUR 2013 PROJECTS HERE! What are you planning to build this year?

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    Adding several tombstones Adding a graveyard fence Adding boarded windows Hoping to pick up a swinging zombie girl from Spirit this year
  6. New Member

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    Hey all... long time lurker turned member here. Enjoy and appreciate all of the great Halloween insight and info!