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  • thathalloweenguy ·
    You have a great start. You have found a fantastic tool here to help you leapfrog into haunting. Things like this were not available when I started. I learned a little bit in local community theater. The rest is either from being in the construction industry most of my life or from about 30 years of trial and error while haunting. I have a couple of pics in my albums. I see that the way I was loading them was inefficient and boring so I stopped . I will redo what I have and add more soon. You have probably gained more experience already than I massed in my first 25 years or so. We had lots of fun but learning was slow. there were no Spirit Halloween or Halloween USA stores. Even store offerings were limited to kids costumes. I made my first full Halloween mask/ head when I was 10. Use this forum. It is great and the people are amazing! Well gotta go. I will start putting together a HOW-TO on cheap wall building later this week. If you have your floor-plan by then I will specifically address your situation.
    HorsfallHaunter ·
    Thanks for the welcome. I have been doing the haunt for 3 years. I don't have a ton of pictures but I have a few I'll post. I always forget to take them we get so wrapped up in getting it all together. This year I've been asked to document the set up and such so I'll have lots of pictures. I am still fairly new to the whole game but I love it. How long have you been haunting?
    thathalloweenguy ·
    Hi. I just stopped by to check out your page. I see you're even newer than I am. After reading the stats I figure I should be asking you for help;D How long have you been doing this haunt? Do you have pics of the setup and props? Well, welcome and I hope that I can be of some help. I'll be back from time to time to check on the pics.
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