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  1. Electronic/Software: My Raspberry Pi based Monster in a box (Open Source)

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, just thought I would show you my monster in a box. I am making it out of a RaspberryPi and Door Lock actuators. I am opensourcing the whole project on github (https://github.com/hevnsnt/monster). I am still working on everything, so I have not written instructions but I will. This...
  2. Cheap And Easy Clown Blaster

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is legit. Thanks, I am going to make one this year. Thank you for sharing. Also, learn to solder, it is easy!
  3. Electronic/Software: Is there a way to remotely trigger sound activated props?

    Halloween Props
    Have you looked at the Harbor Freight Wireless doorbell? https://www.harborfreight.com/wireless-doorbell-97004.html Simply take apart the doorbell part and wire it like J-Man explained.
  4. Pumpkin sentinels tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    dude, that black spray face is dopeAF
  5. Fog: Fog chiller and geyser!

    Halloween Props
    This is awesome, how do you DMX control the geysers!?
  6. AliExpress 30DCB / 30DSB Fog Machine Replacement Pump

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    I am not affiliated with this seller in any way, other than the fact that I bought this pump to replace one that failed on me this year. I had a fog machine pump die on me this year, so I took apart the fogger and found that the pump was a AC120 60Hz 30DSB-ZJF. Internet search turned up...
  7. This is really cracked me up

    Haunted Humor
    Hallow een
  8. Flaming Jack O' Lanterns

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    I will go first... what?
  9. Hallowuino : Arduino based electronic Halloween prop controller.

    For Sale By Merchants
    Other than testing on the bench, I have not "tested".. Got any advice? Also @David_AVD the intention was to clean all that up before people started looking at it :) and yes that was the intention. Want to submit a pull request?
  10. Fog: Waht kind of fogger is this?

    Halloween Props
    haha that is funny. Yes that clear tube is the drain tube, if you take the case off you will see how it works.
  11. Electronic/Software: What is this for?

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    Does the skull have a "try me" interface? A step pad should work there. Also, if you are electronically inclined I could show you a circuit to control it.
  12. Fog: Waht kind of fogger is this?

    Halloween Props
    yes the hatch is for ice. You can put dry ice in there and not have it "melt" all over, but there should be a drain tube for the water for the ice chest.
  13. Hello from Kansas City

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    Nah, I am a pretty small haunt, I have 3 projectors running and some other props. Would love to see the house you are talking about. Also, no I have never seen Johnny Dare's place, where is that at?
  14. Hello from Kansas City

    Member Introduction
    That is awesome, my house is in Olathe (k10/k7 area)
  15. Hallowuino : Arduino based electronic Halloween prop controller.

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hello all, I know I am new here (at least my post count indicates I am) but I have been a lurker for quite some time. I am an electronic hardware designer & programmer and I wanted to share a project that I have been working on this year. I personally designed and made Hallowuino for my...