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    Yes, things are good. I am planning to upgrade my tombstones this year. Terra and some others have good tutorials from which I will steal ideas. My problem is that most of my props are from when the kids were young and the wife didn't want to scare them. So, I really need to make things more mature. My main project, I think, will be "Light Show Master" to orchestrate my haunt. I've been wanting to do more in that area but DMX is really more than I need right now. We should plan on visiting each other next year!
    Attain ·
    HP- How are things? Are you working on anything? I am just about finished packing everything up and putting it away. I left a few things out to be repaired or redesigned. i.e. fog chiller. Any plans for projects coming up?- Attain
    Attain ·
    HP- I look forward to working with you. I have been decorating the outside of the house for about 10 years. It started when the kids were old enough to know what Halloween was all about. Now they are older and my stuff looks like it was meant for kids. So, I am starting to upgrade everything and this site has been a huge help.
    cylonfrogqueen ·
    Hello HauntedPumkin ! Thank you for your friends request. I accepted, but I have to say...
    after a few drinks, all you hauntedpumkins look alike. LOL ! Looking forward to getting to know you and will be on the look out for your posts ! Have a good one HP !
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