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  • firedancer41 ·
    So, are you going to post that picture or what? Love child of Stallone and Vanilla Ice...then you leave us hanging?! What's up with that?
    Laurie S. ·
    Yeah, so how 'bout that picture? I wanna to see the love child of Stallone and Vanilla Ice. :D I'll be waitin'. ;)

    LOL, I can't help it man, I'm just picturing those two in a domestic dispute right now, it's strikin' me funny...:D...Hmmm, wonder who'd come out on top in that one?? ;)
    Laurie S. ·
    I am absolutely NONE of those things, HH....I know exactly what I'm talkin' about, trust me. :D You have a great week too, dear friend, hope to see you around here!
    hallorenescene ·
    hey host, any tornados your way. my sister lives in illinois and her house got hit the other day. not real bad damage, mostly downed trees. but enough damage to say they got hit. she sent us pictures.
    Spookilicious mama ·
    No problem. Whenever you get a chance is fine. Actually I really dont need the pics so much as I would like the measurements. Im sure it looks fine, I trust you:)
    Jackielantern ·
    Well......let's see.....nope nothing I can think of to throw on the pile. I'll get back to ya if I think of somethin. ;)

    Deep breaths Leo....you'll be able to pull it off. I have faith!! No need to panic yet. I remember last year....it was 6 straight weeks of working on halloween at least 6 days. I don't know where I found the energy....one big halloween high I guess! :D But man did I crash afterwards!

    That's a great way to go about the columns. I did that with a couple projects last year. It really does help the stress level. The hubby can't stand that I do this, but I'm thinking you would appreciate it. Do you kinda schedule out the projects? I did...had mini deadlines. It calmed me down some anyway. :p Helped me figure out if I truly was running out of time or just in a panic.

    I have to laugh...so all those parties are lost time. :D I know what you mean though...I get pretty selfish of my time during Sept and Oct. My friends know better than to call me to do something in Oct. If they want to see me they got to come over. lol Kinda lame huh?

    Please do keep me posted on Dead Eye Drake (or whatever his name is :D). I don't have time to cruise thru all the posts and I would hate to miss it.
    Jackielantern ·
    Things just got wound up around here. Well, about 3 weeks ago. Now I'm project managing a residential project and doing the accounting. As well as still getting settled in the new pad. WHEW!

    So did you make a decision on your gate then or are you wingin it? And what ever became of your pirate captain?
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