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  • undead_october ·
    Hi hauntcrazy.. I noticed you play guitar. I just started a thread in the "off topic" section. It is the guitarist/musician discussion. Feel free to go in and check it out.

    Revned ·
    Hi Hauntcrazy, just wanted to say I hope everything is progressing well with the Haunt, and I cant wait to see how it turns out.
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Hey, I just saw your post on the lurching vampire. If you think about it I would love to see your plans. It sounds like it would be a great prop!
    Mad Mad Mark ·
    Thanks for your kind feedback on Demona.....yeah, I love zombies too. I was going to make my "Lizzy Borden" prop the last life size....but, hey! you can never have enough zombies lurking about!
    hauntcrazy ·
    I'm doing one of those asylum doors. I am going to just do the window this year then add the axe strikes to it next year. I built an excorcist girl with a wiper motor which came out really creepy. I am going to post a how to on her. She twists at the waist kinda like doing the hula.
    I also built an entire graveyard fence with new tombstones since we are decorating more outside this year.
    Terra ·
    Okay, OK :p I just finished two foam projects. One a tombstone and one still a secret (for the secret reaper). It's gonna kill me to send them away..Tried some new techniques and loved how they turned out. As soon as they receive them, I'll post pics. Then, I've got 6 pneumatics cooking. The highlight is a slammer prop. So far...he's a blast. I just love triggering him. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! I could do that all day :p
    Terra ·
    heheh...I just taking a break. Those 3D panels were a big project. But, I got some good stuff cooking right now. It should be ready as soon as I get the right cable from this company....Grrrr. Three times they've tried to send the right one....Double grr....
    maloneyjay1 ·
    Hey there! Good to see a local haunter. I grew up in Marietta, always making my parents home the creepiest on the block. I do special makeup effects professionally now for film and television, but my heart always lays close with the halloween world. Anyways I've made my way back to ga, just saying hi! I'd love to hear what you're planning for this season!
    Si-cotik ·
    I'm from Acworth, used to live on Bells Ferry now I'm at Red Top (nearer cartersville)! Nice to see someone close by. When is the St. Jude Haunted house...would love to come
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