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  • matrixmom ·
    Well I am doing a pirates theme this year and my party is tommorrow! I have posted some more teasers in album. It really looks awesome. Hubby really helped me with alot of stuff. I bought waterproof black eyeliner that comes in a little pot from a recommendation from a friend who uses it and she says tis very pigmented and dark. But thanks for the offer HQ!!
    matrixmom ·
    Hey HQ! Love the makeup around your eyes in your pic (black). What is the brand of makeup and did you apply something special to make it look so perfect? I want to do something similar....
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey you! Noticed you'd been missing for the last week or so - I was a little concerned. Sounds like your Halloween is going as planned though. I am still SO far behind.

    Anyway, glad to see you back. :)
    xxScorpion64xx ·
    How's it going HQ? I've been gathering spiders. I bought the jumping spider last year on Nov.1st and I'm going to do a spider lair, will hang a victim in a cocoon. Below will be the group of spiders with the jumping spider in the middle . ToTs will approach to get a closer look and hopefully the spider will spring forward activated by the step pad I bought last week. I would rather have a remote trigger but don't know how to make one.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Me again! Didn't see your message.

    Thanks for the friend request! I was actually just thinking about you. :)

    Yeah, colours can be handy - I think if you ask most people around here they tend to use a lot of cool colors (green and blue) with some small warm (red and yellow) lights kinda punctuating things. There used to be a site called skullandbones that had a great lighting tutorial. He shut it down and moved a lot of stuff to another site, but now he's reorganized stuff and I think it's gotten lost. :(

    The police car idea is a cool one!
    HarleyQuinn07 ·
    That pix is great!!! Really cool use of the colors! I always thought that using white would be best but seeing these colors shows me the I should use some color in my yard!

    The only color I had was red and blue police beacons on top of my black car parked in front of the house so it looked like the police where there - sort of. :/

    Thanks so much for sharing, I'll keep you posted and get some pix up here as soon as I can!

    GobbyGruesome ·
    We actually started mostly using flood lights. I think we had 5 of them. Then a member (Halloweenie1 - check the photos of her haunt if you haven't - it's really beautiful) suggested we cut back because we were just washing everything out. So that's what we've been trying for, but we always end up thinking things are too dark, and putting some floods out.

    Last year I mede a bunch of LED spot lights that ran off of batteries, but they weren't as bright as I hoped. And I think we still ended up using the floods as a result. We did have one gemmy LED spot and that was really nice. (Here's a pic - blue LED spot in the front, red flood on the tree behind).

    Everything is still way too bright though.

    So I'm hoping maybe some these Spirit spots will help and we can retire some floods.

    Yeah, you're right about the purple being a blacklight. I think my store had red, blue, green and the blacklight. I would think the only thing you'd need to worry about in terms of leaving them outside until Halloween is theft. But I could be wrong.

    If it fits your haunt, I think it's great to have - I think they call it "practical lighting?" Light that actually comes from your props, like lamps or candles? That seems to help.

    I don't think we had ANY lighting our first year so you're off to a pretty good start. :)

    Happy Friday the 13th! :) (I'm always misplacing my knife...;) )
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey HQ! Have you had a chance to play with your Spirit LED lights yet? (Not rushing you or anything. ;) ) Just wondering what you thought of 'em.
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