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    Guest ·
    Yes! I'm very excited!!
    Y'all live in the Charleston area? We're up near Greenville. Have only been to Charleston a couple of times. Once was to go canoeing at Caw Caw swamp and look for alligators. Been meaning to visit and check out the history down there. Any 'must go to' places?
    Happy Haunting!
    1971Mach351 ·
    yeah the hayride is open to the public but its about 50 miles from you guys, but if you still wanna come i will hit you up with directions. well i know alot of things to do on halloween night around here but not too familiar with the charleston area i know around here we have quite a few nice haunted hayrides and a few haunted houses. i think my wife and i are gonna try and hit a few up on the big night.
    1971Mach351 ·
    glad to see another south carolinian on the forums. i hope you enjoy charleston as much as my wife and i do, its a beautiful city.
    Addicted2Boo ·
    So glad you got your feather and your hubbys costume done! Good luck on getting yours all put together!! I know you can do it and it will look fantastic I am sure of it! Make sure you post some pics when you are done!
    Addicted2Boo ·
    just got a beautiful red feather from the local costume store yesterday and thought of you. If you would like I can send one off to you if you still are looking. They also have some beautiful black and white ones as well. Let me know, I would be happy to do it!
    Scattered Screams ·
    I'm glad you like your gift I do remember you saying something about a coupon So I went to Micheals to pic up a few things the bottles I got last year and they just sat never opened was going to use in my haunt but found over a hundred old bottles so I'll use those instead I made the candle it was my first try with that style and the whole family likes them better. I hope you have a great Halloween
    Addicted2Boo ·
    I know you were interested in my RingMaster costume and I did post some pics under the Costume section under the title "RingMaster w/ pics" Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!
    moocheex55 ·
    Thank you thank you thank you!!! Oh, Jillian, I love everything you sent me...you are a great Secret Reaper!!!!

    My mother (that whole side of the fam) are from Arkansas, so the southern thing is something I totally get and love! I am obessed with southern cooking. The cookbook looks like a lot of fun.

    I must admit, the gator head really freaked me out!! LOL I'm kind of afraid to touch it...I know, I'm a wimp...LOL

    Thank you, again!

    Happy Halloween!


    PS: I'll post pictures of my place once I get everything up for the party in October!
    Addicted2Boo ·
    I have decided to be a ringmaster of my own evil circus so this is the idea for the costume so far: I got a dress from a garage sale for $1 that is a thin red/white stripe with a ruffle that goes off shoulder and I am going to put a black corset over it so the ruffle just comes over the top of it. The bottom of the dress is full and comes to the mid ankle with a white crenalin (sp?) under. So I am going to tuck it under itself in the front and sides so it kind of bubbles out and leave it long in the back so it looks like tails in a way. Then under I will wear some tights with some high boots. My make up will be red and black dark looking. I havent decided on the top hat if it will be a mini or full, but I am going to crimp my hair so it will be really ratted out with the top hat on top. On the top hat I will do some feathers and maybe brass buttons. I may actually put brass buttons on either side of the corset front closure and drape the gold chain between them. Not sure how I will attach those without leaving holes in the corset after though. Of course I will also have a whip to keep everyone in line! LOL. I hope this helps. Just started with it so I need to bring it all together as I find some of the components.
    GhostMagnet ·
    Hi, don't know if I'm doing this properly, but I wanted to respond to your message. I am a mirror junkie, I'm not vain, I don't like to look into them, I just like to look at them. :) I love how old mirrors look and I'm always at thrift stores and yard sales, going- do I need another mirror? I guess the answer is always yes. Thank you for looking at my photos. I don't even know how I got them put on my page, I'm such a computer idiot. But they aren't in order, and I don't know how to do that yet.
    dustin2dust ·
    Oooooooooooo, nice bike! It's kinda mean looking! How does it look different? Have you been working on it? I'd love to change some things on mine, but I live in an apartment which doesn't allow any room for working on vehicles. Are older Triumphs as fussy and expensive to maintain as I hear the new ones are?
    I love my bike too! I have wanted and admired Hawks since I was 17, but they were always so pricey. Mine wasn't running when I got it, so I didn't have to pay much, but boy did it need a lot of work!
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