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  • wristslitter ·
    Yeah, I am on the one run by Larry, I dont post much though on them sites. I am a Halloween person who decorates at Christmas. I cant really decorate at Halloween because I am never home on Halloween. Being a huge NBX fan and collector, I decorate the NBX theme at Christmas.I do love traditional Christmas lights and decoration though also.
    beavervw ·
    Sadly, I haven't done much of anything! I moved out and now have my own place and I've been overwhelmed with packing and moving all my junk! lol
    beavervw ·
    I have a couple I'm wrapping up! Sticking with the pirate theme for a bit :) I have a few birthdays/parties that are going to take away from my prop building time to make props for some gifts! Got to go to my friends and watch a Pirate of the Caribbean marathon and I got to take my helmsman.. it was the hit of the party! I had a great time and its kinda cool to see that there are other people that like stuff you make!
    beavervw ·
    Haha, Found you on the forum :) Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog ( The Dismal Trader ) I didn't think anyone else reads it... haha ;0) Can't wait to see some of your ideas for a Pirate theme based on John Carpenters The Fog.. Love that movie!
    chop shop ·
    Hi, Thanks! No other pics of my haunt as there's not much to see at my place, I make props and whatnot for other people mostly.
    DeadTed ·
    Hey thanks for the shout out on my pirate display! I just painted the design by hand. I had a general idea of what I wanted - a land-based pirate theme. The tavern was an easy choice, but the other side (the 'stone wall entrance') was a last minute thing and I didn't even complete it. I just painted that gray with a few stone outlines.
    The tavern was a paint-as-I-go project. I think I used 5 colors (black, white, brown, cream/tan, red). The hinges and window sill are scrap foam I carved/painted. Looked really good at night (since it was dark and you couldn't see there was no roof)
    It was a lot of fun. We moved to a different city and the flats (plywood) were donated to my church. The design was then painted over for something else, so now they only live on in these photos!
    Thanks again!
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow HNP!! Sounds like you are onto a great Halloween set up!! We have a Haunters group here in Cincinnati OH if you are nearby - feel free to join in any upcoming events and Make&Take programs. I am sure we will be setting up a few this summer. Also, does your High School have a dance or drama group that gets into Halloween? You may want to enlist them to help as actors in your new pirate theme haunt! (Bet your family loves your hobby!?!:rolleyes:;):D BOO!
    HalloweeNut Productions ·
    Hey, Johnny!
    Store-bought props are fine by me! That's how I started out, just salvaged items and store-bought items. I've only just now started building my own props. By the way, has anyone out there heard of Terror Syndicate? I mention this because the owner, Steve Hickman, invited me to his haunt this year. Should be cool! Gotta go! Rock on!
    Johnny Thunder ·
    I have loved Halloween ever since I was able to know what it was. That, plus horror movies. I've always dressed up for TOT and decorated.

    We do a yard haunt - My wife and I always dress up in costumes, give out candy, I do up the yard (at this point still store bought props as I've only recently moved to a house with a garage - lack of space to make anything) with the decorations, foggers, lights, music and so on. I'm 6'5", so I have fun jumping out of the dark or from behind trees scaring kids. lol. This year we're also having a party the afternoon of Halloween, then carrying over the fun until TOT night.
    HalloweeNut Productions ·
    Well, Halloween is on it's way. My scarecrow, my witch, and my tombstones are all coming along nicely. My only worry is that my "Sleepy Hollow" scarecrow won't be finished in time. I can't wait for October 31st!
    TheEvilQueen ·

    I was checking for photos of your family haunts.
    I like the recycling that you mentioned. We try to make everything for our haunts as well, collected news papers and other items over the year. Cardboard is our friend!
    It sets your haunt off from every one elses'. ToT's won't see the same store bought displays.
    Keep it up!
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