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  • pumpkinpie ·
    Hey girlie...you starting your pirate props yet? No....good cause I had an idea...Remember your wooden crates u did back for CarnEVIL I think u should totally pull them out (plus make more) and go GITD pirates instead of authentic. U did such an amazing job on it before. You could do the black lights, toss some paint on crabs, starfish you name it.

    U could even do your wood technique on some black poster board to line the walls of your ship :D PLUS TENTACLES FROM A KRAKEN!!!!
    offmymeds ·
    Hi there, yes I'm doing the Insane Asylum this year. I love pirates, you can do so much with them.
    If you need a copy of Phantoms of the High Seas, just let me know. I have an extra copy and you are more than welcome to it :)
    pumpkinpie ·
    Omg that would be awesome!!!! And the glow in the dark paint would b so cool.

    I'm doing mine as a sunken ship, complete with barnacles, sea weed, water effect lighting...u name it. I just did a treasure chest but not sure I'm 100% sold on my paint job seeing your crates has me wondering about the GITD paints. I'm also wanting to do tons of crates and barrels, thinking I might add them to my huge plant shelf that runs the entire length of my living room.

    Oh and food... I'm doing big trays filled with rotten, moldy, maggot infested fruits, meats and cheeses.

    Check out my pinterest if u need more inspiration...I really hope u do do pirates it was so much fun collaborating with u on our carnival theme...omg I'm so excited :)
    punkineater ·
    It was both fun & inspiring to look through your pictures. All of the props & partygoers costumes were great. No I do not have a faux wood grain tool, but I can get one~maybe Walmart, Home Depot? What kind of cheap paint~acrylics, latex? Absolutely I would love to know how you did that~the effect really is fantastic!! Going to have to make myself a Mr. Krispy too :D
    I am your willing subject HT!
    offmymeds ·
    Well I found you a Freddy costume this weekend. It had a mask (just his face part) his shirt and glove. I couldn't remember if you needed that costume or not. Then I reread the thread and saw you already had that one. Darn!

    anyway, can't wait to see all your props! it sounds like a blast
    pumpkinpie ·
    Lol, u sound like me...I really wanted to do Voodoo, hubby wanted Deathly Hallows but due to budget and time we settled on zombies. But I think it will b a lot of fun, planning a scavenger hunt so hopefully the weather is good to us. Last year we about got washed away. Well if u decide to go zbies we will have to run ideas back and forth (Daniels doing zombies this year too...OffMyMeds is doing voodoo :) )

    The 80's theme sounds fun too...there's just too many good themes out there lol
    pumpkinpie ·
    Awww, your too sweet :) yeah some put a damper on my spirit but I'm sure they won't phase me once the Halloween stuff hits the shelves...I can't even stay away from the forum for one day lol.

    How have you been doing? Any big plans for this year? You did such an amazing job last year...I can't wait to see what that mind comes up with...something just tells me it will be awesome :)
    Nelyan ·
    Hey! It turned out great, but I was ashamed to post pictures here because "they had bad lighting" :D Now I've thought that what halloween-night-time-party has well lit pics from an amateur photographer, and am going to put them up on my folder, at least.
    pumpkinpie ·
    Oh thank you...that looks great, the hands really make it look like a dementor too :) and that's a great price too :) Thanks :)
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